RDP Tuesday: Stealthie

This afternoon I was being extra stealthie. I had my second and final jab again the Covid scourge. I did not have to wait long. First of all I had to show my documents from the first jab and then take a seat a wait. Luckily it did not take so long. they had erected tents and when you enter there is a doctor and assistant that gives you the vaccination. Afterwards you wait for 15 minutes to make sure there are no after effects and they you can go home. As it was the second one, I was extra careful and my lovely neighbour took me in his car. He waited until I was finished and took me home afterwards.

I was planning on a relaxed afternoon afterwards for any after effects. However, up to now I have none.

RDP Tuesday: Stealthie

6 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Stealthie

  1. So glad you received your second shot. My husband received his shot this morning, also. Then we ran a bunch of errands and now he is fast asleep on his recliner. I hope that is the most reaction he has. You’ve done great!

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