FOWC with Fandango: Irreverent


“Do you really think I should?”

“Why not, we were here first. Let the humans think that they are in charge of everything, but we always have the last word.”

“You mean just drop it. They tend to get annoyed.”

“If you have to, then you have to.”

“OK, but let’s do it together.”

“Good idea. Look there is one of them approaching. Look at the nice dark feathers they are wearing.”

“I think they call them clothes.”

“What’s in a name. So let’s go, ready.”

“And there is nothing irreverant about it.”

“Of course not: a product of the avian digestive system. One, two three and now.”


FOWC with Fandango: Irreverent

Good Morning


As you can see from the view from my desk it is another glorious summer day, although slowly I am losing my appreciation. Temperatures are climbing and no sign of rain. Through the next night it is expected that temperatures will not drop below 20° C, although our bedrooms are on the cooler side of the apartment.

As usual on a Tuesday I am a little late with my Good Morning as my cleaning lady is here doing the good work.  I admire her endurance in this hot weather, although I also cleaned my windows, but as they were really no so dirty – no rain, all they needed was a freshen up on the frames and a polish on the glass. I do not think I would have had the energy to do more.


One advantage of our semi tropical temperatures is that my orchid has decided to flower again and I suddenly noticed that this branch had developed a flower stalk.


Looking further I noticed that even a second flower stalk had appeared. I cannot remember exactly the colour of this orchid, but believe it was pink, perhaps red. This does not happen very often to me, but I rarely throw an orchid in the garbage, hoping that it will re-bloom and this time it paid off.

After my lunchtime snooze today I will take Mr. Swiss to his doctor for a check up. I will probably drop him off and go quickly to the store whilst he is there. I forgot a couple of things yesterday. Afterwards I can pick him up again.


A funny thing happed to me yesterday in the store. I always have my iPhone X with me as it is my lifeline to reality, full of important details and above all my shopping list. Suddenly it stopped working. All I had was the photo on the front, but there was no way I could search and find. Luckily the shop where I bought it is in the mall. One of the guys at the meat counter took my trolley half full of goods and put it on one side in the store so that I could go down to the telephone shop. This was fine, but I had to walk only with support of my cane, which I was not very happy about as I am a bit uncertain. I got to the shop and he fixed the phone for me and said that sort of thing can happen and I probably activated something I should not. He switched off my telephone and switched it on again and it was working, but I had to type in my 4 number code to activate it. I had to make a guess at that one, but somehow it had lodged itself in my brain and it worked first time. I could not even call Mr. Swiss at home to have a look on my list and tell me the number because my iPhone was not working. How we rely on these gadgets today and for me it is important that I have a means of communication.

And now to move on with cooking some rice to go with the meat. Have a nice day or sleep well, whichever applies.


The sweet peas are now flowering in our area.