FOWC with Fandango: Scramble

Tree Aare Path 18.08.2018

Once upon a time there was a tree standing at the beginning of a path. With the years it was no longer looking as fresh as it was. It had even lost some of its bark. Many people would take a walk along the path, scrambling to get to the end (see I found a usage of the word, but being a golden oldie scramble is no longer in my vocabulary).

And then one day a decision was made, that this tree was no longer fit for the path and it had to go. It was scrambled. It was ill. It no longer fitted into the surroundings.  I might have been the only one to witness its disappearance on that day.

Tree Cutting 16.05 (7)
A tree that had stood on the path for many years, perhaps 100 years, now had to go. It was no longer needed and so it was reduced to a pile of wood, perhaps for a fire.

Tree Cutting 16.05 (8)

But wait, all is not lost. The trunk is still there to remind us that here was once a tree.

FOWC with Fandango: Scramble

RDP Friday: Knot

Dad and Me, Wish Tower Cafe Eastbourne around 1964

I was looking through some old photos trying to find a knot. The knot I wanted was the one we used for a tie. I then realised that dad almost always wore a tie if we went anywhere. Nothing chic like Christian Dior. He bought his ties in the market, or perhaps the chain store, Marks and Spencers. By the way the 16 year old at his side, the Amy Winehouse lookalike, is me, but back to the tie.

Unfortunately I do not have a photo of myself wearing a tie, it was part of our Winter school uniform, green and red horizontally striped. I remember it was in the third class, at the age of 13 that the tie was obligatory at school. I was quite excited at the time, at last I could wear a tie with my uniform like all the posh kids at grammar school. Mum had no idea how to tie it with the correct knot, so dad had to give his daughter lessons. With dad it was never easy. He started talking about a Windsor knot which was very special, and I never discovered how to tie that one. We remained with the normal knot. Hang the tie around your neck, but the right side must be longer than the left. Hold the left side and wrape the right side of the tie around the left side twice. Then poke the end of the tie through the wrapped piece and you have your knot. All beginnings are difficult, and there were many hundreds of grammar school girls practicing at the time, but eventually we succeeded. After wearing this tie for 6 years every winter day we were not unhappy when this part of growing up  was finished.

Since this day I have never again worn a tie and even dad gave up wearing ties, although if there was a special occasion, funeral, wedding, christening, he wore his tie.

RDP Friday: Knot

Good Morning


My wild meadow part no longer exists. The gardener arrived yesterday and removed it all. Now there are just stubs of what was. However, my neighbour opposite prefers to do it herself so I took this photo of her side. As you can see there are still sweet pea flowering. I had a little talk with the gardener yesterday about the wild meadow and told him that I was actually the reason for the sweet pea as I sowed some seeds around my hedge to brighten it up and they sort of spread and did quite a lot of invasive growing. The gardener laughed and said he suspected that someone was at work, but it makes no difference because he removes it all eventually and they are unconquerable and will return, perhaps even this year again, but definitely next year.


My first hollyhock opened yesterday. I have never had a red one before an am looking forward to seeing the rest, if they survive the heat. I noticed this morning that many of the buds have dehydrated in the hot sun and are falling off. Sun and warmth is good for the plants, but you can have too much of a good thing. I now cover my sage and parsley during the day as they are also suffering, showing yellow and dried leaves and it keeps them out of the sun’s rays.


It is the first time that I have savoury flowering in my garden. Savoury is a herb we call “Bohnenkraut” in German meaning literally “bean herb” and we like to cook it with the green beans for a good taste. It is also quite good in a salad sauce. I have had this herb every year in the garden somewhere. There are the annual sort and the perennial. This seems to be a perennial planted by the gardener meaning it will stay and I have never seen it flowering before. I have never had such a large plant.


And suddenly I had the feeling that I was being watched. I looked out of the kitchen window from my place at the table and there was the feline next door, Roschti, wondering whether to approach or not. There is always a bowl of fresh water outside for Tabby, my cat, and Roschti helps himself now and again.

And now to move on. I have done enough work this morning. Watering the garden was not planned and a woman’s work is never done. I also have the week-end shopping this afternoon. Mr. Swiss has now had to begin his pre-operational treatment for his eyes. Three times daily with eye drops ready for the operation on Tuesday. The actual op is only about half an hour, but the preparation before and recovery afterwards take more time. I will probably not be around very much on Tuesday and might skip the good morning.

Have a good Friday or sleep well, whichever.  Time is ticking away and I should begin to do what I usually do during the morning.


This time the bee is not so misty, but hiding in his breakfast flower.