FOWC with Fandango: Sashay

With the Walker

I sashay everywhere
And even have four wheels
I have a sexy style
With the camera it appeals
My left foot does it solo
it has a mind of its own
but it keeps in time with the right foot
And now I am well known
I have become quite famous
Of the town I am the talk
Since Monty Python featured my style
for the Ministry of silly walk

FOWC with Fandango: Sashay

RDP Saturday: Night

Cathedral, Rochester, Nightview

A night view of Rochester cathedral in England on one of my nightly excursions.

The ideal photo for a night view would be the local vampire taking a flight, but as we all know vampires are basically shy creatures and these days they can do self service at the local blood bank. Why cause a commotion attacking people to get your blood supply when you can do it with discretion, but back to the subject, the street is not crowded with vampires at night.

To move on here we have a photo of my model cat in the front garden.

Night 09.10 (1)

Unfortunately you can only see his eyes that light up at night using some sort of solar cells. As it is a black cat, his body remains invisible. It does have the advantage of scaring unwanted visitors away on their nocturnal wanderings – vampires again?

Road to Bellach via Solothurn (18)

Tunnels even have night during the day, not so vampire safe as they like to take refuge in tunnels if they do not get back to their coffins in time after a night out.

Solothurn by night

And this is what happens if you are taking a night photo of the town and see a vampire, you are nervous and the camera shakes with you. Remember to take a tripod the next time.

Solothurn by night - View towards South

And here the perfect night photo. No vampires to be seen – too many illuminations, and taken from a balcony.

Road to Langendorf 01.12 (45)

And now time to go home as the night is arriving, away from the vampire threat.

RDP Saturday: Night

Good Morning


Seems to me to be an uncertain weather show from the clouds and I was expecting a nice sunny week-end. The last reports I read were that today we will be getting heavy storms over Switzerland and strong winds. At the moment everything is under control, and I did a days work before breakfast: changing the garbage bag in the kitchen, emptying the cat’s recycling tray and even evicting a slug from my raised beds.

I was expecting an invasion of slugs after the wet weather we have been having but my new plants in the garden are not slug friendly and they have to climb up to reach the selection in my raised beds. After finding the first pioneer of the year I made a closer inspection of the livestock in my beds, but found no others. Mine is now enjoying the meal supplied by our wild meadow opposite.


I also found some woodlice sheltering under the leaves of the plants. I have only managed to get one photo up to now, as soon as you lift the leaves they scuttle away-

Yesterday was week-end shopping and quite a casual session in the afternoon, but I forgot Monday lunch. It is still new for me to go shopping in the afternoon and I am still getting used to buying on Friday for Monday.  I really did not want to go shopping over the week-end, although if we are getting such bad weather today I might risk it. I checked on the reserves and discovered enough potatoes, some diced bacon and eggs, so I could manage at a pinch on Monday with Swiss Rösti, Bernese style with bacon cubes, and a fried egg on top. I also think I have a few remainders of frozen veg as well as some tomatoes, so we will not starve on Monday if I am house confined today.

I was actually planning a little on an afternoon visit into town today, but will have to postpone it. I noticed a few of the stores in town are gradually disappearing. Shops that have been in the hands of generations locally. The property is being redesigned and there is too much competition with online buying. The computers are taking over slowly but surely.  I just wanted to grab a few photos before they disappear completely.


The town of Solothurn is slowly beginning to just be empty streets and when the last shops disappear it will be a ghost town, with only restaurants and food shops: stuff you do not usually buy online, although the local supermarket also makes deliveries.

The world is changing as we know it and we are having to adapt.


I discovered a new flower in the garden this morning. The gardener lady planted a few patches of these. I am not sure of the name, but found something similar in my plant app known as beeblossom. they have long stalks and are full of buds.

By the way a funny thing was happening with my WordPress Site, not that I minded. Over the last few days my increase in likes and visitors climbed to untold heights, with 500 visitors a day. Not that I mind, I usually get in the range of 2-300 daily. I am not someone who checks very often and I do not go in for record visits. I just have fun blogging, but I was astonished at an almost 100% increase. I had a further look to see where these people were coming from and discovered that the Philippines were supplying me with almost 200 visits a day. Why the Philippines? I have no idea. The States and Europe and a few Asian countries appear, but a group of islands where I know almost no-one seems strange to me. I am sure that the mysteries of Internet are using their influence.  Anyhow today everything back to normal it seems and my Philippine friends have disappeared overnight, not even one as liked anything.

So now to move on with some fun games like cleaning and cooking, make the most of the day everyone, see you later.