Good Morning


And another wonderful rain soaked morning this morning. I heard it begin to shower during the night, as a background noise to my sleep and this morning everything is dripping again. My garden is beginning to look like a rain forest.

Mr. Swiss now likes to hug the bed earlier in the evening and so I have replanned my evenings a little. I now have almost an hour to myself. I tell him to switch the TV off when he disappears and I might read a little. I used to sit in the chair and fiddle with my iPad as a last effort updating my various blogs with likes etc. with Mr. Swiss who was watching the TV. Now I move to my computer. The Mac is a fantastic machine for fast action. I only have to wait seconds until it is ready to use and I can do a quick journey through my various pages. Yesterday, however, just as I was ready to hug the bed it told me there was an update to its programme. I decided to do it, so spent about 10 minutes longer organising.

I noticed WordPress is offering something called a G Suite for $72 annually so I had a look. It seem it is all Google based with mail, storage and a few other peps. I do not think I will bother, although since WordPress teamed up with Google I have now found a very good advantage with Google photos. I can put them direct into my blog. I still have my Flickr photo storage for files and organisation, but Google is good for a quick upload.


Nothing really new on the photo front in this dismal weather as I am not going places and seeing things at the moment except for the supermarket, so just my front and back  garden in the rain to show.

Yesterday was an exception that went shopping in the afternoon. I rarely go on Tuesday and noticed there were more people, but no too crowded. I saw a few familiar faces. When I got to the till to pay, I discovered the reason for the invasion. They were all golden oldies like myself and it seems Tuesday is the day when they are granted 10% on their purchases. The lady on the till asked me for my card and so I was also included in the 10% honour, although I do not think I will now change my routine. I really only had to buy a few items yesterday as it was compensation for the Monday which was closed.


Today I am off again this afternoon for the normal Wednesday shopping journey.  I had to order a new supply of my diabetes tablets this morning and they will be ready this afternoon to pick them up. My chemist is also where the store is. I also had to order a new supply of my MS injections this morning. I usually order a 3 month supply. I have a  fridge in the cellar where I can keep them. They are now delivered in cool boxes due to the warmer summer weather and they are big.


And now I am off to my housewife world accompanied by a vacuum cleaner and mop. Let us make the most of the day and be happy, or at least try. Have a good time everyone.


Some gazanias fom the local store to brighten up your day.