FOWC with Fandango: Inventory

Mickey Mouse

At my age I gave up and no longer inventory
I just count the years that might be the rest of my story
Time goes so fast my hairs have grown quite grey
Why add up the hairs, they are here to stay
I still pay my taxes, and try to save some money
Although a waste of time, it really seems quite funny
So leave the inventories to the young singles with a future
They might find a rich partner which will be an admirable suitor
I now just count my blessings and they are getting less
One day the time will come with no choice of no or yes.

FOWC with Fandango: Inventory

RDP Saturday: Peace


You want peace? Then take a walk in the local cemetery. I am doing it at least once a week. Of course, mine is not a walk, more a wheelie through in my chair, but all you hear are the birds in the trees. Even the visitors are talking in quiet voices

I am an expert cemetery visitor. I think it hangs together with taking photos everywhere. Our earlier holidays were mostly in towns of Europe and every town has a cemetery or two.

Serge Gainsboro

This is the grave of Serge Gainsboro,  a well known French singer. His stone was full of metro tickets and Gaulloises cigarettes which was his trade mark. He was a true Parisienne.

Jean Paul Sartre and Simon de Beauvoir
And for some culture, here is the grave of Jean Paul Sartre and his partner Simone de Beauvoir which is to be found in the cemetery of Montparnasse in Paris. Yes I like to see all the cemeteries.

And then there is the Central Cemetery in Vienna, the biggest in Europe. Cemetries in Vienna seem to be very important and I spent an enjoyable few hours hopping from grave to grave (with my camera of course) whilst Mr. Swiss found a nice quiet bench to sit on.

Johann Strauss Vater

Of course Vienna is full of the composers and here we have Johann Strauss, the father. Mozart also has his gravestone in this cemetery,  but it is not sure whether he was actually buried here.

Kaisergruft - Kaiser Franz Joseph

Vienna also has the so-called emperor’s vault, containing many of the members of the Austrian Royal Family. This is the tomb of the last actual Kaiser, Franz Joseph, surrounded by his wife (known as Sissi) and son. As you can see from the flower contributions this family has not been forgotten.

It became a hobby of mine, when we visited another town, or even village, to cast a look into the local cemetery. They are nice peaceful place and you can really get the atmosphere of where you are.

Yes, I am a cemetery tourist, such wonderful quiet places – no stress and you can take your time.

Solothurn Cemetery 20.04 (1)

RDP Saturday: Peace

Good Morning


Nothing spectacular this morning above our heads. It rained a little during the night and we are left with grey skies this morning, not such a good start to the Summer, but it can only get better it seems. Yesterday was week-end shopping day. I had to make a quick excursion to the shop in shop at the store mall to the telephone department. My iPhone fell onto the stone surface of the garden yesterday leaving a very much cracked bulletproof surface glass which I had to renew. Luckily I pay for this extra on my mobile phone. Although it is an expensive commodity, 39 Swiss Francs, it is worth paying for the extra protection as it was only this that broke and not the telephone. The guy in the shop removed the old glass and fixed on the new one. I think I have replaced it twice since having this phone, but am now more careful. I transport everything in my walker which goes everywhere with me (iPad, Kindle, purse and iPhone), but am now putting my phone in the bag compartment. I usually just place it on the sitting surface (which I never really used to sit) and it can easily fall off. The golden oldie problems of the modern cyber age.


My early morning walk in the garden discovered that now my hostas are flowering and even the snails have discovered this which I am not so happy about. However snails with houses are always better that slugs without. The are far more pretty.


We are really getting into the summer way of life now, and my yellow loosestrife is also in full bloom. I believe in some places they are regarded more as an invader, but mine keep themselves in the same place, although I must admit they have expanded over the years.

I noticed yesterday that my car is getting thirsty for gas. I got this car, my little Skoda Clever, at the end of last year with a full tank. Since then I have only had to tank up once some time in March and now I will again the next week. I might even tank up tomorrow as the local supermarket parking lot will be empty and I will have more time. It is Sunday and the store is closed. I know this is a normal process for most of us, but I am still getting used to it. In the earlier days you paid at the desk, but today there is no longer a desk. It is all machine operated and according to the credit card you have it works differently. I now have a special card for gas from the supermarket, meaning that I also get double points adding to my monthly dividend. I am a computer freak basically, but I always get confused with these new systems until I have used it regularly.


In the meanwhile back to the garden to see that my rocket ligularia is also now beginning to flower. I got this one many years ago from a colleague. He was probably glad to see the back of it as it is also one of the indestructibles, but it returns regularly every year so I do not have a lot of work with it.

And now to move on with the daily rituals. No. 1 son has already left on his excursion to Zürich and it is just me and Mr. Swiss alone at home. I might go somewhere this afternoon for a few photos, although it looks a bit dull and rainy outside.

Nothing really exiting is happening in our part of the world, which is perhaps positive. The Trump in the Stats is looking for a war with Iran but seems to be having second thoughts which I hope. I would trust that maniac to drop a bomb on that country, irregardless of what could happen to the surrounding countries.

So no politics, let us now spoil the week-end. Have a good day everyone, see you around and let us make the most of it.