FOWC with Fandango: Dearth


The railway is our only link if you have to go places. I have a car, but last week I had to go to the eye doctor and have eyedrops put into my eyes, meaning driving was out of the question. I decided to order a taxi for the journey to the doctor, which was about a 10 minute drive, but costing 20 Swiss Francs.

I would risk the return journey by train with my walker. The doctor’s office was on the other side of the railway, but there is a foot tunnel to the my side of the station where the local train waits. I am not very happy about walking distances with my walker, but decided to take the chance. In the doctor’s building there was even a lift that took me down to the foot tunnel.

Foot tunnel in Solothurn main station

It is quite a long tunnel, but I was glad to have the lift and so I hobbled on through the tunnel with my four wheeled walker. When I reached the other side there was a ramp I could ascend thank goodness and then I arrived at the station for my local train.

Bahnhofstrasse, Solothurn

I had to wait a while, thinking I had just missed a train. They run every half an hour, but it seemed that the national bike race, the Tour de Suisse, was taking place through out town and all public transport was stopped for an hour.  Eventually the train arrived and I knew this would be the most difficult part. There was enough space and I easily found a seat, but the local trains tend to sway from side to side and I was hoping that I would be able to keep my balance. It was only a short trip, but uncomfortable. After leaving the train I had a five minute walk to home (10 minutes for me). This was the next trial and tribulation, but I arrived safely.

Now the comparison: 20 Swiss Francs with the taxi and 5 francs with the train and all its problem and lack of comfort. Too many dearths are not so good is all I can say.

FOWC with Fandango: Dearth

RDP Sunday: Help

Langendorf Migros

Call me silly, helpless if you want, but there are times when I need help and others find it a normal daily deed. My car was getting thirsty, not quite on the “showing red light” stage and there was probably enough gas left to take me more than 100 kilometers, I do not really know, but before the red light began to show its intention I decided it was time to fill up the gas tank. I do not even know how much gas my car needs to fill a tank, but it seems 55 liter after checking on Internet.

So today, Sunday afternoon, I decided to fill her up. The photo even shows where the gas pump is (extreme right). The parking spaces were completely empty with the exception of one car that was giving driving lessons. And so I settled into the parking space next to the pump. Climbed out of the car to check and discovered it would be a little more comfortable to put the pipe into the gas tank opening if I would move forward about half a meter. As I was alone I decided no-one would see my antics so I climbed back into the car and shifted forward. My probablem is also that I am not very certain on my feet and need to use a stick for support. There was no room for my walker.

And then some sort of miracle power sent help and a lady drove up to the empty space next to mine on the other side to tank up with her husband. She was even using the same type of card that I now use. I told her to go ahead as she had more idea than me and whether she would mind helping me out. It was the perfect solution. I could see how she operated with her card and various codes, printed the receipt and then I realised it was a piece of cake. She stayed and watched my amateur efforts and I was so glad. It worked perfectly and half an hour later I was home with a full tank of gas – no problem. Mr. Swiss said he thought I was going on Monday when I went shopping, but I told him I prefer an empty parking lot. He said he never thought about tanking up when the car park was empty – typical man I suppose.

Today I need help. I have no-one for support in the family. Mr. Swiss is now semi invalide and has walking problems. I used to rely on him for advice, but even that is no longer so available as he has also forgotten a lot. At the age of 73 I am learning to live with life and its daily problems. Just filling up a car tank after so many years of leaving it to Mr. Swiss was bothering me, but I can do it.

Petrol pump in Langendorf

RDP Sunday: Help

One Word Sunday: Fashion


I do not really do fashion. I like to dress in what is comfortable and simple. Just a good t-shirt and trousers do it every time for me. At home it is home clothes and when I go anywhere I just dress according to the weather. These two outside a clothing shop say it all for me. Nothing impressive, just plain and simple and comfortable. I cannot remember the last time I actually wore a dress. You can do so much with a t-shirt, just according to what it says.

One Word Sunday: Fashion

Good Morning


As usual a photo of this morning’s sky. I thought it would be another grey one, but the sun is on its way. On the other side of the apartment it was streaming through the window when I opened the blinds. My cat Tabby could not wait to go outside and explore the delights of the morning, especially the water that had collected on the large stones in the garden from watering the garden yesterday. I thought it might rain during the night, but it didn’t.


I decided to go for a wheelie in my chair yesterday afternoon as long as the weather remained OK. I did not go far, just around the top half of the village and got a shot of the village church from the other side.

I noticed how luscious the vegetation has  become due to the sunny days with plenty of rain in between. The trees are now wonderfully green and wearing their leaves.


This smoke tree is now developing its trade mark of the fluffy flower husks. We actually call it a “wig” tree in German, but wig or smoke it still has an unusual appearance,


I wheeled past the chicken part of the local farm but there was not so much action. Some of the chickens were burying themselves in the ground and others were just taking a walk. I am not sure if the big white one on the right at the top is the rooster, but his tail feathers are certainly something special and he seems to be guarding the coop and keepign an eye of who goes in and out.


There is an abundance of wild flowers I have never seen before. I had to check on this one and it seems to be known as Fox and Cubs Hawkweed. Sometimes so-called wild flowers are just as pretty as our garden cultures.


I also noticed a cat relaxing in the village. I think almost every inhabitant of the village, or at least every second inhabitant, has a cat somewhere.

Eventually I wheeled back home having an evening meal to cook and upload the photos. Today the only journey I will be making is to the tanking station at the supermarket to fill up with gas. It is not so far, and I am hoping to be undisturbed and not have to wait in the queue to get it done. I am also using a new card to tank and am not sure how it really works with the pass code

Otherwise I am hoping for a peaceful day with no excitements. I also hope your day will also be relaxed and live up to expectations.