FOWC with Fandango: Edge

St. Urs 16.09.2018

Although it was 9 years ago, I have still not forgotten the day I decided to climb the stairs in our cathedral to the public lookout just below the spire. I was in town on my own, not really intending to go there, but had been thinking about it for some time. I even had high heels on, not the safe comfortable Sketchers that I seem to be permanently wearing today.

The public viewing platform was open and so I entered and began to climb the stairs. After all I was a London kid, and had been to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral so nothing could be worst. However, St. Pauls was something a little bigger than St. Urs, our local cathedral. Now and again I had to step sideways to fit my feet on the stairs. I realised I was nearly at the top when I passed by the belfry.

Belfry, St. Urs Cathedral, Solothurn

Even then I had my Panasonc camera with me and was taking photos, although with a shaking hand. It would be another 6 years until they discovered that I actually had MS, although I did not know myself. And so I could hear voices and I had reached the office at the top where the guy was waiting. I made quite a spectacular entry as my MS symptoms had probably decided to send out a signal and I actually stumbled into the room, causing the various pamphlets and postcards to fly from the table. I had probably reached my limit, but I was there. The guy at the table helped me to collect the scattered contents of the office and then I saw the cash till. That was really sly. You have to pay for the privilege of arriving, but only after you arrive and not before you start the journey.

Röti Bridge, River Aare, Solothurn

And now I could enter the outside on the viewing platform and take a few photos. Some brave people stand at the edge I did not. I was now a little shaky, but determined to take some souvenirs back with me. As this was a spur of the moment decision, before the day of having a mobile phone, nobody knew I was there. It was just I, me and myself. I remember standing supporting my back on the wall of the tower, not daring to step towards the edge.

I arrived home in one piece to tell Mr. Swiss all about it. I think his remark was “did you take any photos”. I did not tell him of my ordeal of course.

Today I have to think twice before climbing any stairs and choose the lift any time. Thank goodness my apartment is on ground level.

Solothurn - West

FOWC with Fandango: Edge

RDP Sunday: Surprise


Someone seems to be surprised here. The summer season is upon us and you meet groups of tourists now in our town. There are official guides, and if you pay the price, you can have a guided tour to discover all the sights. Here they are standing in the old moat, which has not been filled with water for hundreds of years, but was once part of the town defences. I wonder what the lady was pointing at. She must have been surprised by something.

RDP Sunday: Surprise

Good Morning


Sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time and this happened to me this morning. I was outside, mainly to replenish my cat’s water bowl with something fresh and naturally also with my phone camera. Mr. Swiss and I have both got accustomed to carrying our mobiles wherever we go, we are both golden oldies and you never know when you need to phone urgently.

So there I was, in night dress outside pointing to the sky with my phone camera for the first photo of the day and marvelling the cloud formation and then the birds decided to do a formation flight. I am sure they knew it would appear on the computer for everyone’s appreciation. I assume they were crows as they are the only big birds I see so early in the morning. OK, a little cheat, I did enlarge the photo a little.


Yesterday I was on my way again. The weather was perfect: blue skies, sun and a nice cool breeze. I decided to take a different route. First of all I wheeled through our town, which takes 5 minutes at the most, being a smaller market town and left through the Biel gate, so called because it is the starting point for the main road to Biel (or Bienne as the French speaking call it). On the other side in the town there are various shops and restaurants. Here you can see the back entrances. I then wheeled onto what I call the religious section.


I had not been there for some time, it is the Loreto area. On the way there were signs pointing to the Loreto Flea market. I was tempted, but after following a few signs I had not found it, so stuck to my route. This is the Loreto chapel. It is surrounded by fields, and last year they had planted sunflowers for their oil.


This year they had decided on wheat, which is not as spectacular, but also has its charm.


I moved on and arrived at the Kloster Names Jesu, which is on the signpost outside. I think there are a few nuns and monks in this building, in separate sections of course, although I am not an expert. I was now bound homewards and quite enjoying the trip, something a little different.


I afterwards passed the local high school that has this interesting model in the grounds. I am not sure what the artist had in mind, but it makes a good photo subject. Going onwards I arrived at the local castle meaning that I would now only have to cross the main road and I was home. I usually avoid the crossing on this part of the road and prefer to wheel down further. They renewed this part of the road through our village a couple of years ago, but forgot that sometimes there are wheelchair drivers that like to cross the road, like the chicken, to get to the other side. And so the kerbs can get very bumpy. More embarrassing, but kind, for me is that when a car driver sees a golden oldie in a wheelchair they stop to let you over, whilst you are still thinking about it. Not wanting to disappoint, you no longer have a choice and have an audience of car drivers on both sides of the road waiting for you to bump across the road.

I eventually reached home safe and sound, of course, and still had some spare time to sit outside on the porch (with computer of course) and deal with a few computerised bits and pieces.  It was then time to prepare the evening meal (a selfmade pizza quattro stagioni). Afterwards No. 2 son left us as the new film about Elton John (Rocketman) was showing at the local cinema, and him being a fan did not want to miss it. I think he possesses all of Elton John’s records. Another romantic evening with me and Mr. Swiss you might think, but Mr. Swiss had an early night and I was busy organising my photos for an upload. I also had a wash going in the laundry room in the basement to hang up when finished, and a dishwasher to empty. What an exciting evening it was.

And now to tackle my Sunday with a few household instruments to help me on my way.

Make the most of your Sundays, take it easy, I will be back but leave you with a view of the Jura mountains from across the fields surrounding the Loreto chapel from yesterday’s wheelie.