FOWC with Fandango: Bargain


This was today’s bargain, nectarines. They were almost half the price, and fresh from wherever they came from – probably Spain or Italy. Is that all? Of course, if food is a bargain it usually means that there are enough to buy and the quality is good.

Clothes? Not really. At the age of 73 I no longer need the newest fashion, I know what is comfortable and clothes are overpriced. What you pay in a shop or boutique is usually 50% more than what the shop owner pays. The shop owners buy it at the wholsale supplier, who has also already added his 50%. eventually you pay probably 90% more than the original price so it is no longer a bargain.

Fruit and veg can be a bargain. Just keep your eyes open is all I can say.

And now to my nectarines:I will make a Swiss tart with them. Slice the nectarines, put them on pastry and pour a mixture of cream, eggs and sugar over them with some cornflour for thickening: bake in the oven and sprinkle with sugar when finished – that is my bargain.

FOWC with Fandango: Bargain

RDP Friday: Delay


Today I was delayed with my usual timely blogging. I had a pile of ironing from the bed linen yesterday and a few other items. I squeezed it in after returning from the week-end shopping. It was either to blog or to iron and if I did not iron today it would have to be tomorrow, but now the deed is done: two duvet covers, two pillow covers and a few other bits and pieces. Yes I was dashing away with the smoothing iron again, although I did not look so calm and organised as the young lady in the video.

RDP Friday: Delay

Good Morning


Yesterday a sunny day and I was certain today would be rain. I was not far from my suspicion. As I stopped hugging the bed I heard the first drops outside the window, but it was a short interval and has now stopped leaving a few promising clouds in the sky that were already disappearing.


I decided to venture into town yesterday afternoon. It was almost a week since the last journey due to the rain. I noticed when passing one of the bridges, that the water level is higher than usual, but nothig spectacular.


The swans were out, searching for food. I love those acrobatics they do when their head goes underwater searching for whatever they find. They paddle with their feet to keep the balance.


The horses were also out in the field and one seemed to be doing some gymnastic exercises on the grass.

I wheeled on into town but there was nothing special happening. I went past our catholic priests training school on the way to town, which is nothing really special. On the other side of the road we have the palace for the Bishop of Basel who resides in our Kanton which is something more special. I also met a guy in vicar clothes on the way. He saw me and asked where the palace was, in english of all languages. I suppose he was visiting the bishop.


I eventually arrived in town, but nothing very much happening, although there was a street musician with a few various instruments.


I do not now what this one was, but it sounded OK. I do not think he was making very much turnover. I noticed groups of men walking around the town with their names pinned onto their clothes. There must have been a group visit to Solothurn. I think if it was not for the summer visitors we would be a ghost town in Summer.

Eventually I decided to return home and enjoy the remainder of the afternoon (and early evening) out on the porch with my computer, with a break for tea, our evening food supply. In the evening I do not usually cook, perhaps on Saturday evening. It is the usual cold cuts with a side salad or just a few tomatoes and cucumber.

As I sit here with my breakfast and an open kitchen window I hear the sound of the electric hedge cutter from the neighbour.  We had our hedge cut at the beginning of the week by the gardener, and now the neighbours seem to be following our example one after the other. I also noticed a small excavator parked on our parking lot outside and yesterday on my wheelie saw that part of our path is being renovated. Luckily I have an alternative path, otherwise I would have difficulty with my wheelchair. Funny how these things matter. Before I became dependant on my chair for long distances, I really never thought of the problems that someone could have when handicapped. It gives you a completely different view on the world. I am also thankful for the people that help. Only a couple of days ago I had to get a new supply of Cola, six large 1,5 liter bottles. I can manage to lift it but always ask if there is someone near. The guys in the store are always helpful, but I had to shift the pack from my trolly to the car boot. There was a guy also packing stuff in his car and he put my pack in my car for me when I asked, with a smile and wished a good day. These little things set you up for the day.

And now to go further with the daily tasks. This afternoon I have yet another excursion to the store as it is week-end shopping time and I have not yet made the list. We are still thinking about the menu plan for the week-end, bearing in mind not too much time spent in the kitchen but having a variety. Mr. Swiss tells me that good weather is predicted so no good making stews etc.

Have a good week-end everyone. I will leave you with a so-called knapweed (I think) that I saw on my journey yesterday in a nearby path. Even wild flowers have their charm.