Six Word Saturday: The queue at the icecream parlour


Every time I take a wheelie in my chair into town I like to walk past the gelateria, the ice cream bar, and it is a bar. People stand in line and wait to be served. I have never bought an ice cream in this shop, but they do look so good. Now they have even put chairs outside the shop for people to sit, whilst waiting to be served.

Six Word Saturday: The queue at the icecream parlour

FOWC with Fandango: Spendthrift


Thrift is my second name. I grew up in a working class environment. I remember if I really wanted something, the answer was “we cannot afford it”. When I began to earn my own money, I began to spend it and then one day I was married and had a family with four kids to maintain. At first I was just a housewife, was not earning money. I then took on a job at home for a scientist, typing his monthly book, and began to earn money.

What happened to this money? No, I did not save anything, but spent it on the family for food and especially clothing for the kids. Time went on, I had a job at last, and a wage, but I had learned to be careful with the money I was earning.

Now I am retired and received my pension money.  It is not a fortune, but enough to live on comfortably. However I have learned to be careful with my money, because there are no longer any extras. I am the shopper, the one that goes places. Mrs. Swiss is now more invalid that I am. I have begun to observe prices, and costs. I have my own system and rules and it is working. I no longer buy clothing, I have enough and at the age of 73 I am not a dedicated follower of fashion.

I have learned to buy online. I combined comfort with buying. I buy what we need. No money is spent on birthdays or Christmas, it is really not necessary. If you want something then save and buy it. Holidays are a thing of the past because both of us are no longer fit enough to go anywhere. The only luxury I afforded this year was my car and that was worth it. Any assistance to maintain our mobility has priority.

The days of buying just for the sake of buying are long gone, although I never had them.

FOWC with Fandango: Spendthrift

RDP Saturday: View

Registry Office Wedding Solothurn, Oliver and Franzi

According to the date of the photo it was 1st June 2015, 4 years ago, although give or take a day or two  because that was when I uploaded the photo. It was a view from the window of the registry office on the day that No. 2  son got married. A view across the River Aare and the building opposite marked with a cross was the restaurant where we afterwards had the wedding meal. I remember when I took the photo, a memory of the wedding day.

Today I was also taking a wheelie along the River, the first warm day of Summer along the opposite bank of the river. Solothurn has so many memories for our family.

RDP Saturday: View

Good Morning


Wonderful blue skies this morning and it looks like it will be a good one today, the day when temperatures soar and we will probably be complaining about the heat. Homo sapiens never seems to be satisfied.

I already had the first annoyance of the day, when I realised I forgot to buy butter yesterday. I have enough to last today, but I have a week-end in front of me and no way am I going to the stores on a Saturday. However, No. 1 son to the rescue. He is always in town in the afternoon and will bring me my butter. I am really planning on a wheelie this afternoon in this wonderful weather and a photo safari.


I will be spending my home time today out on the porch with my computer when I am not busy with the vacuum cleaner and other household tasks.


And another little surprise yesterday. I have two pots of canna since 15 years. During the winter months I put them in the cellar and leave them to theirselves. I do not know what they do buried n the earth, but probably waiting for the exciting days again in Spring when they begin to grow again. In Spring I put them in the garden when the weather is warmer. This year our Spring was quite cool and I had to be patient, hoping that the cold weather did not cause any damage. And now both pots are showing sprouts of new growth. I am so glad, at last some good news, even if it is only a plant.

I have already given the garden its dose of morning water, had my breakfast and organised the apartment from yesterdays devastations. I want to get a move on, so see you later. Have a good day and make the most of it.