FOWC with Fandango: Percent


Since I had the lawn removed from my garden and had it replaced with a layer of gravel and two raised beds, in stone, the percentage of bird visitors has declined. They used to be there in Summer and Winter but now they prefer to sit in the trees. The reason is obvious. There is no more opportunity to dig around in the earth and find worms to feed the kids. They now avoid my garden.

And that is all I have to say about percent. Today I overdid my percent when shopping because I had to buy for almost 4 days as I do not intend going shopping again until Tuesday afternoon. I am tired and my head can no only calculate how long it will be until I can go back to bed. Perhaps I sleep more than 50% of my life, but that is a happy percentage.

FOWC with Fandango: Percent

Good Morning


It is not always blue skies and sunshine in the morning and today we are left with the remainder of yesterday’s rainy day. It has also cooled down a little and I am glad. Those summer temperatures are not so pleasant for me. Luckily I can sit outside protected by the sun blind, but my days of wheelies will not be so many as long as the sunshine and heat persists.


And as I am sitting here at the table, breakfast finished, this little guy decided to take a walk next to my computer. Not that we are infested with insects, but now and again one wanders inside from the garden. I do not know what it is, but I think it even has a folding wing construction. After following it with my phone camera he decided to go.

Today is another Friday and yesterday I was constructing my shopping list. I was still not happy with it when I retired for the night and in a sleepless stage early in the morning hours I had another idea, so changed the menu. My smartphone is always on the bedside table, although switched off during the night. And when I awoke this morning, before standing up time, I had yet another idea. Now the list is perfect. It is not so easy this time because of the stupid holiday Monday.


To brighten up the beginning of the day, my climbing rose bush is now flowering. It is a bit of a difficult construction, because it does not have the strength to climb with stability and the gardener sheared the hedge behind it that was giving it support. I have now reconstructed it with the help of two tomato poles and Mr. Swiss and am hoping it will now stay put.


I have a daily surprise with flowers in my garden. When the garden designer planted my new raised beds and garden border we discussed the flowers, but that was last year in October and I forgot most of the names. Now they are showing their flowers one after the other. She planted some carnations in between. The flowers are arriving and there are many buds to open. I think these will be a success.

And now to return to real life where things like vacuum cleaners and mops are necessary. I also have a pile of ironing which has grown in a mysterious way, although mainly the simple stuff like kitchen cloths and  a few t-shirts. I am hoping to have a few minutes this morning to get it dealt with.

Today is another Friday, the day before the week-end, so most of you will have something to look forward to. Of course, I also look forward to the week-end, but being a golden oldie, I look forward to every day I can remain active, although activity is not exactly the word, more mobile I suppose. The only journey today will be as far as the neighbouring village where the supermarket is. I find it quite good that the larger stores and malls are not in the center of town. It is easier to drive there and enough parking places. Also you have a good view of the surroundings.


This is just a view of the local river from the opposite bank on my wheelie homewards on my last excursion, which is why I have the Jura mountains in the background.