FOWC with Fandango: Mist

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 28.10 (14)

We have so many misty days where I live, I even have a photo file with the name of mist. It usually happens in Autumn originating from the local River Aare. Of course this is mist for amateurs. It is a collection of moisture, clean moisture. You can breathe the air, no danger.

Water Spray 14.05.2019

Here someone was cleaning something with high pressure water, also misty.

I am diverging. I grew up in London, born in 1946 and we were the professionals in knowing mist, although my memories of mist are more of smog. Smog was a result of clouds produced by industry, chemical and probably full of sulphur. Smog was yellow, deep intensive yellow. I would walk to school during the fifties. Luckily I knew the way as sight was reduced and you had to fight your way through a thick yellow curtain. I am sure if I had a knife I could have cut pieces out of the smog, it was so thick. I remember it had a smell, a smokey smell. Eventually I would arrive at school and cleared my nose with a handkerchief leaving black sooty deposits on the cloth, blown out of my nose. I would add that since this time, The Brits did something about it and eventually forbid using coal for heating, which was the main culprit.

Mist in Switzerland is something completely different. It even has its aesthetic side.

Clouds 20.12 (2)

FOWC with Fandango: Mist

RDP Monday: Breeze


Today there was a breeze
Curtain stripes swaying to the motion
A rhythmic back and forth
At least that was the notion
In Britain all windows opened
Mum said it was fresh air
But now I am in Switzerland
And they have a different care
Fresh air becomes a draft
You could catch a very bad cold
Running nose and coughing
So I have been told
Close up all the windows
A breeze becomes a threat
Is what the Swiss have told me
I do not believe them yet
Temperatures are high
Sweat pouring from my brow
Mum said it is fresh air
The British show us how

RDP Monday: Breeze

Good Morning


After dithering around with emptying the cat tray, opening curtains and some windows and putting away the washing, I am here. I also squeezed in a photo of the sunrise this morning and what a sunrise it was. The further the summer progresses the bigger and brighter the sun. No rain at the moment, so I have to do it myself with the hose.


Of course there are a few disadvantages with the wet weather we have had and the slugs are again attacking. I found this little guy climing up the wall. My plants seem to be safe at the moment, although there are a few suspicious holes in the leaves of one of my hosta beds. Even a slug has to survive. There are insects that serve a purpose in nature’s world, but I have not yet discovered the purpose of slug.

So what did we do yesterday? I dragged myself out for a short excursion of my part of the village.


I was not really expecting to find anything astonishing for the camera, but made my way to the hill with a view of the River Aare and the local garbage burning plant with its chimneys continuously smoking away. I saw a few very interesting cloud formations. This part of the village has nothing in particular. Sometimes the farmer has his sheep heard out grazing, but they seem to have disappeared.


However I found a few cows grazing on the field. On this particular pasture the cows usually had horns, but this farmer seems to have decided that horns are no longer welcome.

Mr. Swiss was surprised when I was back home only after an hour, but I told him I would not be long. I just wanted to get out and enjoy some fresh air. In the far gone days when we were younger we probably would have gone for an excursion somewhere, perhaps to Bern or visiting one of the nearby lakes, but these days are no longer. We no longer have the energy or lust, even capability and prefer to relax in our own little village. I was ready to relax in the evening after uploading a few photos and other computer tasks when I saw a remainder of ironing to be dealt with.

And now it is Monday morning again, the beginning of a new week. Today I must go on a quest to the store. I dislike going shopping on Saturday afternoon and avoid it when I can. We were down to the minimum of toilet paper, but have survived with a roll to spare, but today I have it at the top of the list. Paper handkerchieves are also getting low, the problem being that I am the only one in the family that goes shopping. My No. 1 son brings me forgotten items now and again, but he works and does not always have the time.

And so to go further with the daily chores. I hope your week begins well, if not that it gets better as it progresses.