RDP Tuesday: Droplet


A dog and its droplets after taken a quick swim in the River, it is just dripping droplets everywhere

Talking of droplets, I got my own dose of droplets this afternoon. It was time to go to the eye doctor. Admittedly I had been postponing it for a while, but today was the day. I had to order a taxi to get to the docs as they informed they would be putting drops in my eyes and no way could I drive in my car. And so today was the day. I had more than a few droplets in my eyes, it was almost a swimming pool, and probably my cat would have got jealous to see the size of my pupils afterwards. Afterwards you sit in a small room for a few minutes waiting to get the right size of your pupils. As I was waiting a second lady entered the room and sat next to me. We had a lively conversation about everything looking blurred, and then I had my exmamination.

My right eye is still quite good, almost 100%, but the left only 80% and so there will be another visit in a year to check and see how it it progressing. I am slowly but surely developing a cataract in the left eye, but nothing life threatening and it seems most golden oldies have problems as they get older, some earlier than others. There is no rush and I can take my time.

And so I found my way home on my own with my walker, using the train. It was one of the rare occasions that I had to walk a distance with the walker, avoiding high steps and steep slopes. I survived and I am just glad that it is a rare occasion

Water 13.06.2019

RDP Tuesday: Droplet

Good Morning


Morning clouds looking a bit stormy at the beginning, but now the sun is shining, so it will be another good day. I do not have so much time this morning. My cleaning lady is here busy at work and I have cleaned my windows.

After lunch I have to go to the eye doctor which will be a bit of a stress as I am not allowed to take the car because of the drops they will put in my eyes. It is no so far, but I would have to take the local train and walk to the other side of the station where the practice is which is a long trip and complicated for me and my walking machine. There are only steps on the other side of the station to ascend and no ramp, but there is a lift somewhere. I decided a taxi would be best of all and I have ordered one after lunch. As the appointment is already at 2.00 p.m. I will be eating lunch a little earlier as well and this leaves me with very little spare time.

In that case I say have a good day everyone, see you later when my eyes are back in action.


We now have clear blue skies, with no clouds. I took this photo as they were deciding to go away.