RDP Friday: Hope

Hope is a Friday feeling
Collect the shopping bags
Put them in the car boot
Drive off to the store and fill them
Sounds easy, not so easy
The bags now in the trolley
Push the trolley around the store
Fill it, checking items off the list
Meet a friend in the store
And then continue
Striking items off the list
Suddenly the list is empty
Hoping you have got everything
Pay at the cash desk
Use the special coupons with reductions
Already dealt with in the comfort of home
What are iPads for?
Pile the goods in the bags
Off home in the car
And now again the hopeful part
What more hope?
Never stop hoping
In the garage leave the cola pack
Too heavy and No. 1 son will fetch it
Otherwise pile it all on your walker
Mission completed
Hope I remembered  everything

RDP Friday: Hope

RDP Friday: Avalanche

Living in Switzerland an avalanche is something quite common after heavy snowfalls such as this one. The snow masses were threatening and so the experts decided to use dynamite to force the avalanche to follow the right path. The snow began to tumble down the slope towards a group of soldiers who were doing their annual three week service. It certainly looks imposing and it followed the wrong path.

However the soldiers also did their own little film astonished to see how the snow masses were tumbling towards them. This is not the usual way it happens, but someone did a wrong calculation. I am sure this needs no translation.

There are some words that are simply international.

RDP Friday: Avalanche

RDP Friday: March

Wet Front Garden

Not really what I expected,  now it’s the month of March
The snowdrops are flowering and it’s raining in an arch
After 30 days of sun and the prophesies of Spring
Today it decides to pour down, rain falling like a string
I even saw some white bits mixing high and low
Now come on, is this a joke, I think they were spots of snow
The water is collecting between the stony rubble
I will have to wear my wellies walking through the puddle
I wonder if it rained on the Ides of March gone by
Today I need an umbrella to protect me from the sky
I can see watery reflections of trees amongst the stones
Perhaps Spring has come and gone and March  just  skin and bones

Reflection in Water

RDP Friday: March

RDP Friday: Security

Airport Police, London City

I would visit my dad in London every year as much as possible. He was then over 90 years old and I did not know how long he would be there. He eventually passed away in 2016 at the age of 100 years 7 months. As time progressed I saw the changes in airport security. It was never an exception to see armed police in the departure lounges. I was then becoming a golden oldie: a bit of a limp, sometimes with a stick but I was harmless.

What is wrong with having a toothpaste tube in you bag. I always carried the toilet articles with me as you never know if your case will arrive with your plane or not. London City Airport removed two tubes of toothpaste and confiscated them over the years.  The tubes were too big apparently. Only small tubes were allowed and so in the bin they went. I imagine airport personnel never having to buy their own toothpaste. They probably did a distribution of the confiscated tubes after a days work.

The most insulting was before I passed through the metal detectors: you know that arch you walk through after they had removed your hand luggage for the x-ray machine. If you happened to have a gun enclosed on your body they would find it. I was told before walking through to sit on a chair that they had suppled. I had to remove my shoes. I had no socks or stockings, in was Autumn and warm. I then had to walk bare footed through the arch and afterwards they gave me my shoes again to wear. I was glad that I had no mini explosives or razor blades hidden in the heels. I had left them at home.

And once, to set an example, they had taken my luggage out of the loading point. I was asked to identify it and open the case. I was told this was done now and again at random, and this time they had chosen my luggage. I was not very happy as it was the return flight from London to Zürich and I did have a plastic bag full of dirty washing. Luckily I had the Christmas Pudding and Cadbury’s Milk Flakes in my hand luggage.

There was also the time when I travelled from Zürich to London and arrived safely, but my luggage did not. It decided to make a detour to Lisbon. Two days later it was delivered to my friends house where I was staying,  by special courier. No problem, my friend had one size nightdresses and so I borrowed one for the night. This time the security programme failed it seemed.

Summing it all up I would say I had been through all the possible security checks. I wonder how they never confiscated my Swiss Army Officers Knife. Perhaps they assumed it was something that all Swiss have.

RDP Friday: Security

RDP Friday: Canal

Derendingen 14.04 (18)

Welcome to Derendingen. Never heard of it? It is next to Zuchwil and Zuchwil is next to Solothurn in Switzerland and a river runs through it called the Emme which eventually empties into the river Aare which also happens to run pass our village. Now I am sure you are in the picture. Never heard of the Emmental, place where they have cheese with holes in it? Of course and the Emme gives the cheese and the valley the name. Very few outside of Switzerland know that the Emme flows through many places, one of them being Derendingen.

Derendingen is a 5-10 minute drive from where I live, according if the traffic lights are green or red and the best they can do for a canal is The Emme. Our car salesman is in the village of Zuchwil and once when Mr. Swiss had some car business there, he dropped me off at Derendingen to wait for him in a restaurant, but I spent some time taking photos of course.

People go for kayak practice on the Emme in Derendingen which explaines the coloured poles in the river. It it the nearest we get to a canal.

Derendingen 14.04 (24)

It gets quite adventurous in some places with wooden barriers, although I am not really sure what they are for but the water flows over them.

Derendingen 14.04 (23)

And there is a bridge that goes over the Emme in Derendingen: another poplar place for riding your kayak. There is an actual kayak club.

Derendingen 14.04 (25)

And one point it gets quite adventurous with rocks and stones: a real adventure playground for those perhaps river rafting, although I have never seen a raft on this river.

I am now sure that for those enjoying visiting far off places, Derendingen is now on the top of your list and do not forget, it might not have a canal, but a river runs through it.

RDP Friday: Canal

RDP Friday: Baggage


I travelled on my own to Germany for my son’s wedding. The train stopped at our local station. I had a reserved seat which is advisable when travelling on the German Bundesbahn. I remember entering the carriage, seating for 6. It was occupied by five men only and they all seemed to pounce together to put my baggage, just 1 case, onto the rack. Oh the courtesy of the masculine race, I enjoyed it. When I left the train in Mainz to get my next connection they were ready again to help. Unfortunately the next connection to Koblenz was an empty carriage, but then I needed no help for a luggage rack as I left the luggage on the floor, not being a hindrance to anyone. Koblenz to the Mosel valley was a local train and had the locals in the seats. It was not a problem, because when travelling locally people seem to be more relaxed and instead of reading the newspaper, they are ready for a conversation.

My last journey alone to far off places was a little different. There was something wrong somewhere and i just before I went to England for my father’s funeral it was discovered that I had MS and been suffering with it for many years, but it was never diagnosed. OK, no problem, I am one of the lucky ones, and except for my funny way of walking and being a little incapacitated with normal tasks, I could manage.

So I arrived at the airport, walking with a stick, and was directed to a special seat to wait for the plane to be announced with a couple of other stick people: my first experience of special treatment. A young man in airport uniform helped me up the steps to the plane and when landing in London and on the return journey I got the special treatment again.

My days of flying are now finished. I could still manage a train, but it had got a little more difficult now with a walker, but I notice that people are very considerate and kind and complete strangers help with your bags and climbing the steps. Luckily we have those cases on wheels today.

I remember the good old days when we would go on our annual holiday and dad would have to carry the case(s), sometimes tied with string around them as an extra precaution as they were not as strong as those of today.

M - Solothurn Station

RDP Friday: Baggage

RDP Friday: Fish


When I arrived in Switzerland my eating suffered an eclipse
I sat down to a plate of fish, but I could not find the chips
The Swiss eat them with potato, boiled with butter too
But something was missing, they really had no clue
They eat them with mayonnaise, and spread it on the fish
There will also be a side salad so what a curious dish
I grew up a Brit and fish and chips was our tradition
But this was now the crime of the centuary, bordering on malnutrition
How can you devour a fish without the chips and vinegar
This was now barbaric, it called for a prime minister
There was only one chance that demanded a compromise
I served them with chips with salt to have the normal fries
A tube of mayonnaise was on the table to celebrate a truce
And now Mr. Swiss and the kids could put it to their use
Just look at my photo, this fish was quite annoyed
He was eaten with the mayonnaise, this was so paranoid

RDP Friday: Fish