RDP Friday: Scrooge

The William Shakesspear Pub, London

Thoughts of old London
Cobblestoned streets
Christmas with turkey
And other sweet meats
Scrooge sat in his room
counting his money
Ignoring the carol singers
He found nothing funny
Shivering at night in a very cold bed
The ghost of Christmas past appeared
And then turned his head
to show him his ignorance
of friends, even school
shunned by his father
Scrooge made his own rule
The ghost of the present
showed him good will
and peace to all men
Did this change it for him?
No he stayed in his den
But then came the future
a bony apparition
showing a gravestone
So Scrooge made a decision
He opened his heart
and decided to repent
It all ended happily
and Scrooge was content
Of course it is a story
and had a happy ending
Today gifts are bought
And the money we are spending
There would be no Scrooge
He would not be a looter
He would sit in his office
and do it all by computer
There would be no neglect
No reason or rhyme
he would enjoy his Christmas
He would probably have more time

RDP Friday: Scrooge

RDP Friday: Winter

papecomputer and handkerchiefs

It’s that time of the year again
Coughing, sneezing, shivering will reign
Turnover is high for a  medicinal cure
Boxes of handkerchiefs begin to mature
With their help you know the cold lasts seven days
Without it lasts a week, so treatment never pays
But winter has a good side
With flurries of white snow
Although not so pleasant
if you have somewhere to go
You will slip and slide,
for warmer weather you beg
And then you have an accident
and might even break a leg
The remedy is clear, and also justified
Wrap yourself up warm and stay inside

Snow 26.11 (13)

RDP Friday: Winter

RDP Friday: Regret


One thing I really regret is that the digital camera was only invented in the seventies. Today I can take photos of everything and thanks to computer science can immediately upload them and put them in my archives. Of course holding an actual photo in the hand is still something wonderful, but you can print your photos at your heart’s content choosing the ones you need or wish to discard.

I have just returned from a wheelie in my chair with my camera, of course. I shot a photo of the Jura mountains and here you can see it on the camera. Actually I discovered I had over one hundred photos on the camera after my wheelie in my chair. That is the disadvantage with the digital photography, at least mine. I get easily carried away.

I can think of so many situations in the past that I would have loved to have captured with a photo. My family only used cameras for holiday pictures and my interest in photography only came with the passing years, because of the digital camera.


And this photo was also taken on the same journey, but this time with my mobile phone camera. It shows a cloudy afternoon and somewhere at the bottom as a white building, the local castle Waldegg.

RDP Friday: Regret

RDP Friday: Accountable


This evening Mr. Swiss and I completed a joint effort and I must say it could only have happened with co-operation.  I had some potatoes and too many cervelat (Swiss sausage) and so it was decided to make a potato salad with a cervelat salad. Potato salad is not something I enjoy making because it is a lot of messing about, takes time and the result is dodgy to say the least.  Mr. Swiss has been talking about a fine potato salad for some time so I struck a deal. He makes the cervelat salad and I will look to the potato salad.

I already searched for a good recipe in the morning, knowing it would need planning. You have to cook the potatoes in their skins, and at the risk of having third degree burns on your fingers, they have to be peeled whilst still hot. I must admit Mr. Swiss did manage to peel 3-4 potatoes and I did the rest (10-11 potatoes). So guess who had burnt fingers. Whilst I continued peeling the potatoes Mr. Swiss began the cervelat salad, although he said he cannot make a good salad sauce, so I fixed that as well in between.

When the potatoes were naked, without peel, I had to pour hot vegetable bouillon over them and leave them to soak to 20 minutes.  In the meanwhile I cleaned the kitchen floor which had potato skins everywhere. Mr. Swiss progressed with his cervelat salad, mixing in small tomatoes, radishes, pickled cucumber pieces and hard boiled sliced eggs.

We did it, and only had one or two differences of opinions.


And here you can see the result. Not exactly master chef. Mr. Swiss being the expert responsible for Swiss food tastes, tried the potato salad and found yes, it could be accepted. It was a first for me after ten years, but I must say even I found it edible. I even got some suggested mustard with mustard seeds in it and sliced some  shallot onions   into the sauce. The cervelat salad was fine. Who am I to criticise a Swiss guy that makes one.

After the food fight, the kitchen floor was again cleaned and I spent at least five minutes tidying the kitchen surfaces. We sat down to our evening meal. Mr. Swiss found it would be far too much. Eventually we were finished and there was nothing left. Of course No. 1 son helped to finish it all off.

Needless to say it wil probably be another 10 years until I attempt a potato salad again.


RDP Friday: Accountable

RDP Friday: Broken

Baselstrasse 11.07 (1)

Today I went to the store for the week-end shopping. On the way I drive pass this restaurant and the two large windows next to it. The third window belongs to a hairdresser, but the window is now longer.

As I drove along the road I saw signs with “Police” written on it and even saw a couple of the uniformed members wandering around. I so regretted that I could not take a photo whilst I was driving, it would have been a perfect photo of broken. I have no idea how it happened, but a car was half way into the completely smashed window on the right. There were pieces of glass everywhere on the road and pavement, luckily not the part where I was driving. Of course the car was also quite damaged. As I could not stop to examine the details I unfortunately had to drive on

When I did the return journey the car was no longer there, and the half broken window had been completely removed. There was a lady clearing away the articles that were behind the window. What a wonderful opportunity that would have been for a photo, although I could not help thinking that someone now had a ruined week-end. As there was no sign of ambulance etc. I am hoping that there were no injuries.

RDP Friday: Broken