RDP Friday: Wonderland


I live in a wonderland, so what more can  say. Just a few minutes walk from where I live we have country

Feldbrunnen 29.04 (5)

and a background of the Jura mountains.

I am sure I was on a quest my whole life to find a wonderland. Growing up in the big city of London, I was always ready to break out, to appreciate what nature had to offer. Unfortunately London came a little short on its offerings in that direction.

I am now were I wanted to be, greenery everywhere.


Only yesterday on a wheelie in my chair I had a view of another wonderland, the alps.

Yes, my days of being a cockney Londoner have long disappeared. I have found my wonderland.

RDP Friday: Wonderland

RDP Friday: Shut

Restaurant Sternen closed Baselstrasse 25.05 (1)

Switzerland has quite a large Italian speaking population. Many immigrated as seasonal workers in the earlier years of the twentieth century. Many stayed, and so we are infiltrated with their culture and the wonderful food. . Italian restaurants are everywhere and what could be better than the local Pizza restaurant.

However in summer they also have their holidays, returning perhaps to their homeland. This one made it quite clear on the notice on the door that it was shut.

“Niente pizza (no pizza) because holiday from 23.7-6.8. Open from 7.8.”

RDP Friday: Shut

RDP Friday: Breathe


I am slowly suffocating down here beneath the cloud cover. At first we had a week of rain, which has now disappeared, and now everything is covered with a lid of grey. Today the sun appeared, for two minutes, we even had some clouds. This photo was taken some time ago, when our weather was normal.

I had to have a little chuckle when I read that everyone is suffering from the withdrawal of fresh air and sunny days. What do you do to overcome this state of affairs? Being in Switzerland we have the wonderful opportunity of travelling to higher places. Our lid of grey can be pierced by going to the higher altitudes.

It seems there is now a mass exodus and anyone that has the time and a car is travelling up. They are overcoming this grey oppression and going to the mountains. There is a small disadvantage. When the Swiss valleys and flat lands are being emptied, it means that the small mountain villages and the winding roads to the heights are being clogged up with traffic and their exhaust fumes: cars searching for parking places, waiting for traffic lights to change and attacking the clean air zones in the heights.

I am staying where I am, I do not need to take the highway to hell.

RDP Friday: Breathe

RDP Friday: Aftermath


I suppose the word “Aftermath” could sum it up, but it feels more like a post mortem: where they examine the dead tissue to decide what it died of. I know I am a Christmas grinch, and am so glad the carnival of gifts, expensive food and decorations is now gone and we can almost get back to normal (until Easter, but that is another burden we all have to carry).

Today I ventured again into the store to replenish the empty shelves in the food cupboard and the fridge. It was almost begging me to fill it up again. And so this evening we will be having frankfurters and soup for a meal, which I really do not like, but Mr. Swiss grew up with them in Switzerland and my No. 1 son eats everything as long as it is not green (how can he miss the delights of brussel sprouts and broccoli).

The supermarket parking places were again bursting at the seams, with only three spare places out of 250 left. There were two empty places waiting for me on the 6 reserved spaces for the handicapped, so I was happy.  Of course there were labels hanging everywhere announcing half priced bargains, which were mainly unwanted clothing articles or the plants that no-one wanted.


And so life continues, and I have the pleasure this evening  of ironing the bed linen.

So let us now look forward to next Christmas, we have a year to prepare.

RDP Friday: Aftermath

RDP Friday: Reckoning


I did not reckon with the snow today and neither did our local worker, but I heard and saw his snow clearing machine doing the necessary whilst I was eating my breakfast. It stopped snowing during the morning and soon our paths were clear.

This afternoon I was off for a shopping trip and believe it or not, it was raining all the time. Temperatures were above freezing and I was a happy bunny. I really did not reckon with that. The snow has disappeared from the roads, just a little at the edges on the sidewalks.

RDP Friday: Reckoning

RDP Friday: Scrooge

The William Shakesspear Pub, London

Thoughts of old London
Cobblestoned streets
Christmas with turkey
And other sweet meats
Scrooge sat in his room
counting his money
Ignoring the carol singers
He found nothing funny
Shivering at night in a very cold bed
The ghost of Christmas past appeared
And then turned his head
to show him his ignorance
of friends, even school
shunned by his father
Scrooge made his own rule
The ghost of the present
showed him good will
and peace to all men
Did this change it for him?
No he stayed in his den
But then came the future
a bony apparition
showing a gravestone
So Scrooge made a decision
He opened his heart
and decided to repent
It all ended happily
and Scrooge was content
Of course it is a story
and had a happy ending
Today gifts are bought
And the money we are spending
There would be no Scrooge
He would not be a looter
He would sit in his office
and do it all by computer
There would be no neglect
No reason or rhyme
he would enjoy his Christmas
He would probably have more time

RDP Friday: Scrooge