RDP Friday: Protest


I was in town this afternoon and this is the current protest sign we have when entering a store. Blame it on the coronavirus. It is the C & A store, but the main entrance is no longer allowed to be used. Probably because too many people would enter at once. There is now a smaller entrance on the left where one of the people from the store controls how many people are entering. If the allowance is completed, you must wait before the store until someone leaves. We now live in Corona times.

RDP Friday: Protest

RDP Friday: Relief


At last things are getting back to normal, slowly and surely, although it is a new normal. Today I did my week-end shopping at the supermarket. They used to have a guy sitting at a desk with a little computer, counting the people entering. He has now been removed, probably now one of the unemployed, he has become superfluous. We are slowly returning to the old norm with full automisation. where people cost too much, although I have a feeling the young guy was probably a student earning some extra money.

So now we have a new system. Somewhere on the left there is a pole and  the notice says number sensor, meaning that this machine is now counting the people entering and leaving the store. It also tells us on the notice that we must have a distance of 1,5 m and walk alone through the space. I thought it was actually two metres, but perhaps the virus is now shrinking. At the entrance there is now a traffic light system. If it is red you must wait, but if green you can go. I had green and entered the store. I wonder if you get a fine if you go over the red light and do not wait?

I survived the new system and arrived home safely. Next week the complete store is again open, selling not only groceries but clothing and other unimportant items .


It seems to me our store entrance grows longer every time I visit. I wonder what would happen if you would dare to cross the entrance forbidden sign on the right. I also noticed that we now have quite smart stands with a white cord attached and no longer the pieces of wood bound together with sticky tape in various colours. The new norm is improving in taste.

RDP Friday: Relief

RDP Friday: Overtime

Restaurant Roterturm 28.10.2018

Does not look like anyone is working overtime here, but is is May Day, the day of the worker’s rest, although the worker’s rest has now been reduced to working at home, away from the madding and perhaps Coronavirus infected crowds. I remember the political marches lead by our socialists in the main town and generally ending with a speech from a local politician. Today they would have to transmit it by “Zoom” the new televising communication system, although I have not uploaded it on my computer, too many virus around for that.

My memory of May Days back in the years was watching news films of the Russian parade from Moscow showing their displays of war tanks and missiles and the many soldiers marching in step with each other. Today even the streets of Moscow are bare and the military parades have long been a thing of the past. Perhaps for Ivan and Olga they were days to be proud of their nation.

My younger May Days in England were marked with the public libraries being closed and all other local government run organisation. May Day was a holiday for the public servants, not for the working population. School was as usual and the local shops were open.

Now we seem to be living in a permanent state of May Day, with the exception that we can shop for groceries, although today the stores are all closed.

For those doing home office, there is probably no overtime, unless the boss calls every five minutes to check on what it being done. I am also not doing any overtime today, but golden oldies keep to their time table. It is now blogging time and afterwards tea time.

RDP Friday: Overtime

RDP Friday: Normal


This is becoming normal during the day. I have a cat, Tabby, she is a loner, just needs I, me and myself. Then we have Roschti, a cat belonging to the neighbour. They sort of grew up together, but in their own territories  on different sides of the fence. However, now being older cats, 18 years old, they develop new ideas.

Tabby, a lady,  is quite happy to stay where she is, but Roschti, the man,  has discovered that life can be more interesting on the other side especially when Tabby always has food ready behind the window. Roschti waits for the opportunity and when no-one is looking he hops through the window and helps himself. This does not bother Tabby so much. They seem to have come to an agreement. They even sleep in the same places, although holding a safe sociable distance. This has  become the new normal.

RDP Friday: Normal

RDP Friday: Finally


I finally found it, although I never thought I had lost it really. I just knew it must be somewhere. It all began with a pack of Emmentaler cheese, not that it is my favourite cheese, but I like a little variety in the evening with my cold cuts. The cheese was missing and I know I bought it. And  then this morning I realised that I should have a small loaf of cut bread for frying with my fried eggs and spam for the evening meal. It went on further. Where are the tomatoes I bought to accompany my eggs for the great fry up and for my pizza tomorrow?

This was really getting serious. We would starve and no way was I going on another shopping trip tomorrow, that did not come into the question. I do not harbour suicidal thoughts and that would be the result of shopping on Saturday after Good Friday and before Easter Sunday. I had so carefully planned everything. I even had two supersized chocolate Easter bunnies which had not disappeared. It was time for my after lunch sleep, but I was tossing and turning and then I had a brilliant idea. The missing items were not in the fridge or in a cupboard and I know I bought them. When I awoke from my troubled sleep I decided to visit my parked car in the garage.

I opened the boot and there is was, a black shopping bag, which I otherwise never use, sitting in a black holder in a very dark boot of the car. There were too many shadows and too much black, but it was a shopping bag and there was even a spring onion poking out of it. I had not even missed my spring onions? And so I found it all again, it was not forgotten, it was not a moment of forgetfulness in a golden oldie memory, although admittedly I did forget to take the bag out of the car when I arrived home. I just had one bag too many to balance on my walker, but the Easter food is saved. Easter never did have a good place in my shopping memories, too much stress.

At least I managed to cook todays lunch with no problems.

Good Friday Lunch

Not exactly master-chef presentation, but it was my second plate full. The first looked much better.

RDP Friday: Finally