RDP Friday: Acerbic

Solothurn Police Car

The police, your friend and helper, as the saying goes. Not at all acerbic, if you are not acerbic. Today I had a meeting by chance with them, something I have wanted for some time.

As some may know, I can get quite acerbic against people that park on the places reserved for the handicapped at the store. I have a permit and the others just find it quite handy to park there and so I am often forced to park on a field which is private.

So today I arrived at the parking spaces for the handicapped, and there were only two occupied out of seven, no problem of course. Then I saw two men dressed in their smart blue shirts with the word “Polizei” emblazoned everywhere and they were talking to one of the ladies in the supermarket from the customer service desk. I gathered that an irate customer got so acerbic he called the police to fine someone that was parked without permission. I say good luck to him, but it is not something I would do.

I heard the lady from customer service say “there is just nothing we can do, we cannot go absent from our desk and chase them away from the parking spaces, but some of the customers get very annoyed”.

That was my cue to say a few words “yes, it is very annoying when the parking spaces are occupied by visitors without a handicap, we depend on this extra large spaces next to the entrance” and one of the policemen made a mistake, he answered me and that was my cue to continue. The poor man had to listen to my complaints about Christmas holidays and Easter when there were no places left for those entitled to these special parking fields. I told him I am one of the customers that often complains, and the customer service lady nodded as we have known each other for many years.

It was a pleasant conversation, and I at last got some satisfaction in having my say. I was not acidic at all, how could you be when you have two nice guys looking good in their uniform, it was something like a TV film. Their blue shirts were really quite sexy and they even had their name badge on the shirt. I suppose they must have had their gun somewhere, but I was too interested in my conversation to notice.

RDP Friday: Acerbic

RDP Friday: Return

Rush Hour Solothurn Station

People returning,
people going
Waiting for a loved one
The crowds always flowing
The trains come and go
Passengers alight
On their way to home
Now everything is right
A voice announces arrivals
of trains that soon depart
No time to have a coffee
The engine wants to start
Arriving on the train
Make sure you find a seat
At last you can relax
Your return almost complete
She is waiting at the station
Might be mother or just wife
At last the stress has gone
Return to normal life

RDP Friday: Return

RDP Friday: Transition


He was perfect for the job.  The kids at the circus loved him. He would pick them up with no problem, although the parents were a little worried that he might drop them, but it never happened. When they erected the circus tent he was ideal for heaving the long poles into position. His mother was always worried since it happened.

The factory was the main work place for everyone in town. No-one really knew what they were producing, something to do with fertiliser for making plants bigger and better.  It was the place where the sunflowers were as tall as the houses. It was after the accident happened that Jeremy had problems. He was out in the garden when the cloud arrived. The only one in town, as the others were all watching the match on the TV, but he was never interested in football.

And the next day he was getting ready for school.

“Come on Jeremy you will be late”

“Got a problem mum. My trousers are too short. They look silly.”

“Stop making up stories Jeremy, just because it’s sports day and you don’t like playing games.”

“No mum I mean it.”

And that was the day when Jeremy began to grow. Actually it was only his legs, the rest remained the same.

Eventually he even had to leave the circus, he loved the job, but they were having problems with organising a caravan for him. They had joined two together, but even that was not long enough to accommodate his legs when he laid down to sleep at night.

But for everyone there is a solution. Jeremy always loved animals and now he is working in the zoo. He is responsible for the giraffes.

RDP Friday: Transition

RDP Friday: Prepare


Things are happening outside the supermarket
Why is this container outside, locked and not to be opened
What mystery does it contain?
What can it be?
Of course
It will soon be 1st August and preparations are being made for celebrations
for the Swiss National Day
Does it contain fireworks
or Perhaps just an assortment of flags?
Just remember if you happen to be flying over Switzerland on 1st August going to your holiday destinations do not worry when the mountains seem to be on fire
On almost every peak we have a bonfire

1st August 31.07 (2)

RDP Friday: Prepare

RDP Friday: Melt

Baseltor 11.04.2019

It was one of those hot days today, a real melting down process, the day when Mr. Swiss had to do a little business in town. I was thinking of taking a parking place just on the edge of town. He would only have a 5 minute walk to pick up something. He had another idea. I should drive into town and wait outside, it would only be a few minutes. I do have permission to drive into our cobble stoned market place, but I prefer taking a drive with my wheelchair into town and not with the car. And so I manoeuvred my way into town through this nice little narrow entrance gate and I even had a few centimetres to spare on each side. I arrived at the target, Mr. Swiss did his business and directed me out of the town.

This meant driving through streets where thank goodness no other car was approaching, but full of tourists and shoppers. There was no room to pass each other.

Zeughaus Christmas Calendar 06.12 (1)

Eventually, still in my little car, I had to navigate this square (more cobblestones) to return to my entrance gate again. Then Mr. Swiss had the brilliant idea we could now go further to give up  the document we picked up. This meant another odyssey through narrow streets and waiting until he completed his business, where I had opposing traffic on a narrow road.

Eventually I drove home and continued alone to the supermarket for the week-end shopping. I was perhaps 15 minutes later than usual for the shopping, but naturally all the parking places were occupied for the handicapped, so I parked on a place reserved for deliveries for the computer department, hoping no-one was having a TV, Radio or computer delivered today. When I returned to my car it had been parked in a hot spot full in the sun and then I began to melt. Thank goodness for air-conditioning in the car.

And now the melt of the evening. I decided we would have our famous toast Hawaii this evening. Toast a slice of ham, a pineapple slice on top and all covered by slices of cheese. Afterwards in the grill to let it melt together and with a garnish of paprika, the perfect meal. And now to relax.

Toast Hawaii
RDP Friday: Melt

RDP Friday: Hike

River Aar 30.10 (10)

Gone are the days when I would take a walk along the river and the grand finale was to climb the path to the top, bringing me back to my village. I would take the steps one after the other, pause in between perhaps, look back and enjoy the view and then I would continue.

This was the hike that told me that I was no longer able. My walks of an hour or two dwindled to half an hour and I would take a rest on a bench on the way. I began to climb the steps sideways, gripping on the wooden supports, but I could still do it.

Our holidays in the Bernese Overland amongst the alps and peaks became dreams of another life that I lead just 20-30 years ago. My husband leading the way, me at the end and the two sons in between.  We would laugh, enjoy, and make a stop for lunch: usually something cold or on the adventurous days we might light a small fire and roast our cervelat (the Swiss sausage). Now memories of another life.

I never thought I would grow old, be less fit, thought that life would continue as ever. Now I look at the photos, see the local paths from a distance in my wheelchair and wonder how it all happened.

Aare 25.06 (4)

RDP Friday: Hike

RDP Friday: Camp

At the foot of the Atlas mountains

This is the nearest I ever got to a camp. This was at the foot of the Atlas moutains in Morocco about half an hour by Land Rover from Marrakesh. My husband’s company had their annual excursion to Morocco and we were invited.

It was a day full of games and adventure and good food. In the afternoon we were somewhere in the desert, not really sand, but small rocks and paths going up and down in the hills. Each couple were given a Land Rover and the idea was to drive a certain route twice: very adventurous. Of course the ladies gave the men the steering wheel with one exception, me. If I was at the foot of the Atlas mountains with the opportunity to once in my life drive a jeep over the hills, then I wanted to do it. I thought I could tell my grandchildren one day about the time when I was driving a jeep in Africa. So Mr. Swiss drove the first route and I drove the second.

The tents in the picture were not made for camping, but we were served our food in them and a few of the jeeps are parked there.

Otherwise I have never slept in a tent or gone on a camping trip. I am more the holiday apartment/house or hotel person. I a not even a fan of Bar-b-Ques.

RDP Friday: Camp