RDP Friday: Unready


Are you ready for the sales
It is time to find your luck
Just look at this great choice
So choose what you can pluck
They are the clothes that no-one bought
But then they were too dear
They cost now just half the price
There is nothing more to fear
That short green dress, without a waist
In a colour of poison green
It would be a wonderful option
To be the carnival queen
And the trousers with the flashy pattern
With nothing that would match
But search some more amongst the tops
A red blouse is a good catch
Think of all the money you save
When all is now half price
But buying nothing is a bargain
Saving money is always nice.

RDP Friday: Unready

RDP Friday: Project


I am still fascinated by this white newly decorated old kiosk which was actually closed seven years ago in the underpath as you go into town. It has now been re-opened in the name of Zarte, a current artistic happening in our town. I was passing through yesterday and got into a conversation with the young man that seems to be responsible. The complete design in in white and all the articles are white, so I asked him what the idea was behind it.

He laughed and asked me what I thought would be the big idea. The only thing that came to my mind was something to do with washing powder making everything white. He then explained that although it was an art concept, it was also at attempt to bring the closed kiosk back to life again and arise interest in the population. I remember it being a kiosk and he told me that it was closed because it was simply not making any turnover, very people visited it. He said since the exhibition he has three people that have interest in doing something with it, but nothing concrete. He found the best idea would be a bar and I told him we have enough bars in our town, and in the corona days it would not be a good idea. And so he asked me for my ideas. Of course I had none at that time, but told him I would think about it now that I know that it might lead somewhere.

He said he would be there until September, so I would have plenty of time. In the meanwhile the young man is taking photos and mounting on some of the lamps in the underground passage.


Here is one of them, and it certainly adds interest to the underpath. He also took a photo through the mirror of my wheelchair with a reflection of the kiosk, but it has not  yet been mounted on the lamp. In the meanwhile at least there is something of interest in the old kiosk which had mostly become an opportunity for various graffiti designs.

Baselstrasse Tunnel 12.11.2018

The new place is behind the grey blinds which are now at last raised again after seven years.

RDP Friday: Project

RDP Friday: Lazy


This is one lazty duck. She made her nest in exactly the same place as last year, on the landing stage next to our police boat (we only have one in our town). Actually it was the reason I found it, although I really did not expect that a year later a duck would again build its nest in the same place.


Some ducks are just too lazy to find somewhere new. I will be keeping an eye on her for when the ducklings arrive.

RDP Friday: Lazy

RDP Friday: Plant


I once decided that hedges can be quite boring, green leaves, growing tight together and really nothing special. I decided to plant some sweet pea seeds to give them a little colour. That was about 12 years ago. My hedges are still there and so are the sweet pea plants. Sweet peas climb and attach themselves with their wiry fingers to anything. They also produce seeds.

The result of my effort is that I have sweet peas springing up everywhere in my hedges and the seeds decided to wander to a few other places. The area around my garden now has them everywhere. Opposite there is a small plot of land with a few bushes, even a tree which the local gardener cares for. He was once there removing the sweet peas in Summer and I told him they were probably from the seeds produced by my plants. He laughed and said he had suspicions that it was something like that, but he never really removed them, I do not think he could. He just cuts them back once a year. They are also growing in our wild meadow opposite. My neighbour has even ensured that they remain after the meadow is cut once a year. Yes, we love our sweet peas.

RDP Friday: Plant

RDP Friday: Layoff

18.01 (69)

I wheel past this derelict kiosk in the underpass below one of our crossroads when going into town. It was once a thriving kiosk with newspapers, magazines, cigarettes, candies/sweets and all the rest of the stuff belonging to a kiosk. About 20 years ago it was closed. We never really understood why, there were always customers. Most probably it was a question of money.

Today I had a surprise when I saw it had been opened again. It even looked quite clean and had been organised to look like a shop.


Inside it was sparkling clean, all in white and there was a guy organising the shelves. There was also a lady that seem to be the person in charge. I was trying to guess what it might be and saw various boxes and packing that might be handy for a cake shop. I asked the lady and she said it was going to be part of the Zart Exhibition 2020 which I had not heard about, although I did notice that some strange artistic objects were appearing in town. The link is even in English, probably for the few tourists that might arrive. I asked if it would be OK to take a photo and she answered with an enthusiastic yes.  I am now hoping that our old neglected kiosk will be revived and awakened to new life, although it is probably only for the time of the exhibition.

RDP Frida: Layoff

RDP Friday: Almost


I have been keeping my eye on this tansy plant in my garden for some time. It began with a few insects on the stalk, now there are almost more insects than stalk and the stalk no longer has a lot of room left.

At the beginning I would give it a shower daily and that would almost sweep the insects away. However, since we have had our rainy days, giving more water was not a good idea and so the insects have multiplied. Today I took a zoomy photo of the cluster which looked most strange. I wonder what they are? Perhaps something from another world, who knows. If my blogging colleague Tony might be reading this, he would definitely know what they are.

RDP Friday: Almost

RDP Friday: Uncle

Fritz, Rudolf, Hans, Oscar Gerber

Not my uncles, but Mr. Swiss great uncles. The photo was taken on 1st August 1914 which was the evening  before the borders were guarded by the Swiss troops. Switzerland was neutral in both the 1st and 2nd war, but they still had the duty to defend their borders from invaders. I don’t know whether they ever used their sables to fight, but they look quite good on the photo.

On the left is my husband’s great grandfather and the others are his brothers.

RDp Friday: Uncle

RDP Friday: Protest


I was in town this afternoon and this is the current protest sign we have when entering a store. Blame it on the coronavirus. It is the C & A store, but the main entrance is no longer allowed to be used. Probably because too many people would enter at once. There is now a smaller entrance on the left where one of the people from the store controls how many people are entering. If the allowance is completed, you must wait before the store until someone leaves. We now live in Corona times.

RDP Friday: Protest