RDP Tuesday: Delay

“Where is she?”

“I think she said something about meeting a friend for a coffee.”

“Coffee? She should go to the butchers and buy some meat for us.”

“True, but humans have funny ideas sometimes. I would not dream of meeting one of our kind for a drink. For a nice piece of juicy steak I would meet any dog, even an Alsatian.”

RDP Tuesday: Delay

FOWC with Fandango: Delay


I was going for a wheelie in my chair, as usual with my camera and then I saw this crow. It was only when I uploaded the photos that I realised what it was doing.

It was a hard job. Those nuts have such hard cases.


But after a long delay, he finally worked out how to do it and was left with the empty shell.

I don’t know how he did it, but the proof is that there is no nut to be seen because he must have eaten it and that crows are very clever.

FOWC with Fandango: Delay

RDP Friday: Delay


Today I was delayed with my usual timely blogging. I had a pile of ironing from the bed linen yesterday and a few other items. I squeezed it in after returning from the week-end shopping. It was either to blog or to iron and if I did not iron today it would have to be tomorrow, but now the deed is done: two duvet covers, two pillow covers and a few other bits and pieces. Yes I was dashing away with the smoothing iron again, although I did not look so calm and organised as the young lady in the video.

RDP Friday: Delay