Good Morning

Morning Sky

According to the forecast this week will be Spring weather. According to me I can believe it after seeing this morning’s sky although yesterday morning was similar and it developed into grey clouds followed by rain. It can now only get better. I decided not to go anywhere yesterday and stayed at home in the afternoon and baked a Swiss apple flan and now the apples have all be used from my tree’s last year harvest. Apart from the few that were captured by a few worms and other undefinable insects. It was a super harvest with at least 200 apples. At the moment the apple tree is still sleeping but I am sure it will not be long before the first leaves and buds appear.


My raised beds are gradually doing something. One is full of herbs which are growing nicely and the other one in the photo is more for decoration. I planted the crocus last Autumn and now they are growing nicely. Eventually they will disappear into the earth and I am hoping they will return again next year.


I even managed a close-up of one of the crocus. Nothing special but i found not too bad for a mobile phone camera. I mentioned before there is a guy that has a course for mobile phone photos and daily he has an except from his teachings in Facebook. It would cost around $100 dollars for the complete course, but the bits and pieces he gives away are enough for my purpose.  It all depends of course if you have one of the newest developments on the mobile phone cameras. I have an iPhone X which has it all.  I like the “burst” photos where you take about 10 photos continuously. They run like a film afterwards and you can pick the photos you want, or you can keep all of them.

Stork Nest 16.03 (3)

Here is another one of my stork photos. This time it is on the tower on the opposite river bank and you can see mum and dad stork together. It looks a little strange because of the angle, but one is sitting and the other is standing next to it. I am so looking forward to the babies arriving. They do not seem to be wasting a lot of time, already nesting in March.

Altstadt 16.03 (7)

As I mentioned I went into town on Saturday afternoon and the weather was at its best. Our restaurant mile along the river Aar was packed with people sitting outside in the sun enjoying the warm weather.

And today back to the old routine. This morning I am off shopping as the cupboard is bare and I want to get covered for food until Wednesday lunchtime. I also have an excursion planned with No. 1 son and two bags of glass and metal to take to the recycling deposit containers. It is in our village and I am the chauffeur to just along the road. My son takes the bags and distributes the recycling stuff in the containers. The last time I went was about six weeks ago.

And now to get down to the daily tasks. Breakfast is finished and I should move to make sure I am finished for the shopping trip. Keep well, have a good week and no stress.

River Aare 16.03 (4)

A view of the local River Aar in the sun from last Saturday.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. This is OUR spring weather. Cold, but not VERY cold. Plants are thinking about blooming but not doing anything about it. Days are longer, but not nearly long enough. The sun is high in the sky, but not very warm. In other words, it’s still March.

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    • We haven’t had daylight saving time yet so everything continues has usual. It is basically sunny, but still somevrain in between. My first daffodil blossomed today and the crocus are in the middle. It’s notbreally warm, but I am not freezing


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