RDP Friday: Cavern

We have a hermit living in a nearby village. He does not live in a cave, but in this neat little house. Sometimes it is even a lady hermit, but at the moment I have no idea who is living there. I think they are recruited from a local monastery or covent. Somehow they arrive and seek peace and quiet, although they often get annoyed with the local public that walk past the house and hope to catch a glimpse of the hermit for perhaps a post card or a talk. However, hermits are not very talkative. We once had a hermit that somehow had criminal a criminal past, and had to leave for a visit to one of our prisons, but that was many years ago. I think that the idea is that they meditate and throw in a few prayers.

Of course he/she has a cave. What would a hermitage be without a cave, but I think this was just for the novelty.

And just one cave is not enough, although this cave seems to be occupied.

And so is this one.

You see our caves are not empty, but today you get squatters everywhere.

RDP Friday: Cavern

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