Good Evening

I decided to go into town this afternoon. My wine for cooking was running low and I do like to cook my meat in red or white wine according to what it is. I can get the red wine in a liter bottle, Swiss Dole, but the white wine only comes in the normal sized bottles, so I was off.

Imagine how surprised I was to see that today was market day. If I had checked my calendar I would had realised that it was the second Monday in the month. The first thing I saw when I entered was this horse’s head. It looked so real. However, it was a display on a stall where they were selling various bed linen, although I do not think I would like this horse on my bed.

I found these little shoes quite sweet for a toddler taking its first steps.

And there were colourful objects everywhere although I was not quite sure what these were supposed to be: perhaps some decorative pin cushion although they were quite big.

The usual collection of hats, colourful and otherwise, were also being presented. I often wonder if anyone really buys one of these hats.

And then I had a surprise.

A grand piano had been placed on the top step outside the cathedral and there were a few professional photographers there. I do not know if there was going to be a concert in the evening, but one young lady was posing on the piano.

I also saw some guys standing around afterwards having some sort of discussion. No-one was actuially playing the piano. There might be a photo in the newspaper tomorrow, although I no longer have the local newspaper. I decided it was now time to go.

One of the last stands was this one showing chickens and eggs in various poses. I am not so sure they would look good on a table in the home, or perhaps outside in the garden. I decided I would rather spend my money on food and so I left town with the intention of calling in on Mr. Swiss for half an hour as his golden oldie home was on the way. I could not stay very long as I had the evening meal to prepare when I got home. I finally arrived and was just begining my cooking when the telephone rang with No. 2 son. I do like hearing from my family, but sometimes it might be the wrong time. However half an hour later I could begin my cooking routine and there was still enough time.

And so my day did have a few surprises and was not so boring. I wonder what tomorrow will bring? I hope your day was a pleasant one. See you again tomorrow – I hope. I leave you with a crane architecture from our estate where they are busy building.