Good Evening

Another view of the alps although I was surprised when uploading the photo. I only saw the clouds when I took the photo, the alps appeared afterwards on the screen. It was another glorious sun filled day with a fresh breeze, but no problem. The last of the Easter days and I had again nothing planned. At last I got around to something I had meant to do for some time. I noticed some very dusty shoes in a small chamber I have where I keep my vacuum cleaner and other such instruments. They were Mr. Swiss shoes, but when I had a closer look, I discovered they were all my size.

Three pairs of Sketchers hardly ever worn, I believe never worn. After a thorough clean up I decided my house shoes are saved for the next few years, as well as my walking shoes. They are perfect for my needs. I also organised my cameras which I had in a glass bowl in the living room.

The glass bowl now has a fruit selection and my cameras are in a cupboard together. Gradually I am quite pleased with myself and my organisational talent is showing a profit.

In the afternoon I spent a hour with Mr. Swiss in his golden oldie home. This is a view from the side with the pavilion outside. A very pleasant place to sit in the good Summer weather. After leaving him I made my way home through the local farm.

It seems the pony has had a short back and sides from his hairdresser which is probably more pleasant when the weather gets warmer.

However he kept his longer hair on his head which did not seem to be a disturbance whilst eating.

And I saw my first cows of the year. They were on the meadow making the most of the grass. I hope to see more of them, although when the sun really gets hot during the day, the farmer only lets them out during the night. But now the Summer feeling is arriving at last.

I wheeled past the path towards the castle. Again there were almost no people to be seen. I was again on my own taking in the pleasures of nature. And so I turned to the road home and treated myself to an ice cream when I arrived. I have no great programme this evening. For once I have no wash to do and today is an injection free day with my MS medication, so probably an early evening to retire.

I hope you all had the Easter you wanted. Personally I will be glad when daily life again becomes normal, this is really one holiday I do not need. So let me finish with a side view of the avenue leading to our local castle Waldegg.