FOWC with Fandango: Amenable

Problems sometimes arise when you are on your way in a scooter along the pavement. In Switzerland this is allowed if you are handicapped, so no problem. However, when a van is parked on the pavement and there are men dressed in their orange working on the road, it can become a problem. One of the guys very friendly said I could move into the road. However, I had to decline. The step is too steep and it can be quite dangerous when there are cars and trucks moving past.

He then said to wait a few minutes and one of the guys got into the truck and drove off to allow to pass. He drove to the roundabout along the road and returned. On the way we gave each other a friendly wave. After an hour I returned from the town and yes, he was there again on the pavement and so I waited a while until he again drove away. No-one was angry, everyone was polite and I was glad that there were no further problems.

FOWC with Fandango: Amenable

RDP Wednesday: Security

Not that Mr. Swiss was a security freak, although he always made sure that everything was secure if we sent anywhere and locked all the outside doors even if we were at home. Windows were always closed if we were not at home. Although today you can never be too careful. Our neighbour’s apartment was broken into because she left a window open and the thieves managed to make off with some of her jewellery.

However, whilst organising a cupboard yesterday I came across this box marked “Schlüssel” (German for keys) and yes it was full of keys, locks and all the necessary additions. The problem is that I have no idea for what the keys are. Our apartment keys are all together in a safe place and I have the important keys to the safe or the windows, on my key ring. So what are these keys? I have the feeling that Mr. Swiss also no longer knows what their purpose is. OK, better to be safe than sorry, and I have them safely at home.

RDP Wednesday: Security

Good Evening

At last some decent weather and the rain has gone. The lawns are bursting with dandelions everywhere, as long as it is not in my garden. Thank goodness the gardener got rid of mine when he was here yesterday. They might be attractive flowers, but their roots spread everywhere. Otherwise I called my optician to pick up my new glasses. She gave me an appointment at 10.45 which was OK with me. I was then finished with the morning chores and could saddle my scooter around 10.15 to get to town in time. However, one small problem. Wednesday morning in our town is fruit and vegetable market, meaning problems to get to the optician. However, I took the chance and parked my scooter where they was space when I entered the town. I could remove my walker and use that to get to the optician, weaving my way between the various stalls and parked delivery vans.

It was worth it. It must be at least ten years that I had been in town in the morning for this market. It is now packed full of new flower arrivals. After my visit to the opticians I had a look around and took a few photos naturally.

It was wonderful to see the selection of veg being offered.

As well as some friuit.

There was also a guy selling various meat choices. I asked if he minded that I took a photo and he said it was OK and made a nice pose for me.

Of course I must not forget the flower varieties.

There was everything you could wish for. I eventually got on the road to home and decided that I should visit the Wednesday morning market more often. I have no-one waiting for me at home and do not have to cook a meal for all, just for me.

I would also not be visiting Mr. Swiss today as he was also on a trip from his golden oldie home. I do not actually visit every day, just when I have the time. He wrote to tell me it was an enjoyable excursion with another two guys from the home, and it was fun and a good atmosphere. He said they did not go with the wheelchairs, but the walker. He is really making progress with his walking and even as now put on weight: just a kilo but this is a good sign.

And that was my fun morning. The nice thing is that after lunch I can have a midday sleep for 1-2 hours and feel refreshed afterwards. Tomorrow is another day, although it is the day of renewing the linen on my bed, but no problem. I will also have a grocery delivery from the store as on Friday it is Good Friday and no-one will be working. Enjoy the rest of your day.