RDP Monday: Dishevelled

I saw some rather dishevelled pigeons in town this afternoon.

They seemed to be quite excited and were quite close to each other.

This one was getting ready to pounce, although the other two pigeons were not really impressed.

And these two seem to be having a disagreement, whilst the lady looks on waiting for the winner.

Eventually they began to settle down.

I think it must be that time of the year again, all in the name of dishevellment.

RDP Monday: Dishevelled

Good Evening

At last the snow has left the lowlands and is now just laying on the slopes so I was able to get out again today. I had an appointment at the opticians to see what could be done with my broken eye glasses and it was a success. I had made an appointment for a new eye test but whilst I was waiting the assistant had a look at the broken glasses and said she would try to fit the glass into a cheap frame so that I could at least wear them until the new glasses were made. She did that job perfectly and even the cheap frame was a pleasure to wear: just clear plastic and very neutral to wear and pleasant. I am now happy with my eye glasses until I get the new ones. She also said that my sight has not even changed very much although the new vario lens we be made better suited to computer work.

I decided I no longer wanted a colourful frame and just plant metal with large enough lens, so I chose this one, just what I wanted. Something good comes from accidents I suppose and now I have two pairs of glasses. The repaired and the new which is also quite good. I even got the repaired ones as an extra, although new eye glasses are not cheap. The frames are the least to pay, but the glass not.

I must say opticians are really good as everything has now been improved. The measuring instruments are more exact and the process has been shortened considerably. I have so-called vario lens which can be used for close and normal vision. Finding the seeing-point is now much easier and I had the choice of magnification. I have chosen the one more appropriate for screen work on the computer which happened to be the most expensive – of course.

I called in at Mr. Swiss afterwards quickly. I had not seen him since last week as I did not want to go out of the house so much with my eye glasses repaired with sticky tape.

Tomorrow will be a bit of a stress day. They are cleaning our underground garage with water and it has to be emptied. I will have to remove our two scooters which is a little complicated for me to do on my own, but I have already worked out a system. This evening I will remove the electric charger for the batteries together with my son and tomorrow morning I will drive the scooters out of the garage: another stress day, hoping I will find a space for them outside.

At the moment I am cooking the evening meal for No. 1 son and me and hope to have a restful evening, after my garage visit.

At least we have clouds in the sky again and not that grey cover with its snowflakes. Perhaps the Spring has really returned. Keep safe everyone and have a good week.