RDP Friday: Voiceless

Since I am alone I do not need my voice
It was not intentional, but you see I had no choice
I have no-one to talk to except perhaps a cat
But his only interest is to catch a rat
The trees are silent, except when the wind whispers
Flowers have never had a voice, they are silent with their sisters
And now my words are of no use, have forgotten how to talk
Because I never use my voice, it has become a squawk

RDP Friday: Voiceless

Good Evening

Another wonderful afternoon so I decided to take a drive in my scooter around the village after a visit to Mr. Swiss. I was actually going to the store, but realised I needed nothing and tomorrow is another day for a trip to town, so I decided to remain with mother nature in the village. This is our village church with the village cemetery next to it. The tree seems to be quite popular for mistletoe.

The geese were making themselves noticeable by making a loud noise.

And of course the cows were again doing what cows do when there is field of grass. Everything is so green at the moment.

I decided to go up the path to the castle. I think I was the only person here. The path was empty and I had it all to myself.

Even the bench remained empty, otherwise it is always occupied for people wanting to enjoy the view from the top.

In decided to take the long way home though the local cemetery, where I was also the only person there. Where had the people gone? It was a pleasant afternoon and I enjoyed the landscape very much. And now I will have a relaxing evening with no stress. I hope your day was also a pleasant one.