Good Evening

We have an expression in German “tote hosen” meaning to be as dead as a dodo (literally dead trousers), and that is the current state of affairs here. Easter holidays are in full swing and I hear nothing and see nothing and there is nothing. I dropped in at Mr. Swiss and on the way. It was an empty street and also road with just the train on its way. No people were to be seen. When I arrived home I decided to cheer myself up with a portion of chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream.

There were a few bees looking for a room to let in my insect hotel and even they disappeared afterwards when they got comfortable.

One bright moment was when No. 2 son sent me some photos of my grandchildren with their Ukranian guests enjoying their afternoon together.

The neighbour’s cat Roschti payed me a visit so I had some meow company. He was only here for a treat but had a look around in the apartment before leaving. I think he regards it here as his second home, but he is no problem.

One bright moment in the holidays was when a neighbour visited me. Since I am alone, she often helps me out with various official tasks : tax documents and general Swiss affairs. She works for the Federal Office of the Police so is a great help. She brought me this wonderful Easter flower arrangement which really cheered me up. There was even a small chocolate Easter bunny and eggs amongst the flowers. What could be better. And that is my short visit today, enjoy the rest of the holiday.