RDP Sunday: Grief

The sun is shining, it has stopped raining, and wrapped up warm enough a walk home through the cemetary after a visit to Mr. Swiss is just what I needed: fresh air and alone. It is not a time for grief, that is something I have when fate strikes its hard hand and being a golden oldie myself I will probably be one of the next to go, so why grieve.

This is the building for grieving at the local cemetary, actually in the basement. Grieving is very well organised for a last visit to the departed. The top floor is for the ceremonies associated with the last rituals. And so I left the cemetary leaving it all behind me.

RDP Sunday: Grief

Good Evening

Today was a day of clouds: compensation for the rain and grey from the skies of the past week. Nature is now bringing some action in the scene. I took this photo from the window of Mr. Swiss room in his golden oldie home. Today was a lazy Sunday and after my midday sleep I had to force myself into action to visit Mr. Swiss, but once outside I was awake again. There was plenty of sunshine and if it had not been so cold It would have been a very good day.

At the moment I am showing Mr. Swiss how to use the Whatsapp app on the phone. It is quite useful for sending messages and photos as well as telephone contact and the main thing is it costs nothing. He understood it quite well, although still tends to use the old message system out of habit. I like to keep up with new developments, although sometimes I have problems with them as well. All this computer stuff is OK, but when you are no longer as young as you were, you have to concentrate. I have now got the hang of paying my bills with the telephone and even now programming them to be paid. on certain dates.

After a couple of hours I left Mr. Swiss and decided to take the country way home again in the hope of getting a few photos on the way.

This is the main road when leaving Mr. Swiss. My estate is the white buildings on the right so I do not have far to go, although I make a small detour to the left to visit some animals.

There were some horses outside grazing.

This is the stream that runs next to the home where Mr. Swiss is and you can see his building on the right.

And this was my surprise photo of the day. I noticed in the distance that you could see the alps. I tried for a photo but only had my iPhone camera with me. I applied the zoom and did a click, although the sun was disturbing me, and this was the result. The alps in their full glory showing from left to right, the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau although there were a few clouds in the way. They have certainly improved on the quality of those cameras.

I decided it was time to go home. My No. 1 son had put fresh linen on his bed yesterday and I had washed the sheets and duvet cover so I had something to iron. WhenI got home I put up the ironing board and in half an hour the job was done. I decided I now had time to upload my photos and perhaps even to write something so here I am.

As I reached home I saw this magpie taking a walk in a field. I think nature is supplying the birds with food again.