Good Evening

This was today: a dreary cloudy sky and rain constantly. I was so down: not able to go anywhere as a scooter is not ideal in such weather. You just get wet. I did not have to go anywhere, there was food enough at home. I just miss getting out and seeing something different. I really had to find something to keep me occupied, so I decided to clear out the remaining drawer in a cupboard – not such a good idea. It was full of electronics: plugs, wires, gadgets that I did not understand and what no-one has looked at tor the past ten years at least. I now have five plug rails, and need only one. I even found an screwdriver that could be charged with battery that was no longer working of course. I now have four bags of electronic rubbish to deal with.

At least I have some daffodils in the garden to brighten up the day. They are being guarded by my models that No. 1 son brought into the garden from their refuge in the cellar.

Even our local Jura mountain chain had clouds hanging on the top. Whether it had snowed up there I do not know. This weather will continue until the week-end according to the weather forecast. I think I will have to hibernate. On the other hand, it can only get better.

Good Evening

We had a break in our nice warm spring weather today. It rained this morning and temperatures dropped. I am back to wearing my Winter jacket instead of the knitted one. The sky was full of clouds, but nevertheless I decided to escape. I did not know whether to go into town or stay near the village. Eventually I decided a visit to Mr. Swiss for an hour and afterwards a tour through the cemetry and past the castle on my way home. That plan worked quite well and I took this photo of our village church up on its hill whilst wheeling through. It is a catholic church as our Kanton is mainly catholic.

As I said the clouds were hanging in the sky, but the rain stayed away during the afternoon and only returned this evening. It is much colder now, but nature is still maintaining its progress and the plants are surviving. There was a talk of snow on the radio, but everything is possible.

In met some geese on my travels from the farm. You ever meet one goose alone, but there is always a group of them.

It was the first time I had been in the castle grounds since last year.

I noticed they had now cleared three lots where there used to be graves in the cemetry

. In Switzerland time is limited to have a grave, about 30 years. If you want to keep the grave you have to buy the land and that can get quite expensive.

I eventually left the cemetry and went on my way home. I had the evening meal to cook for No. 1 son and myself and had to upload my photos. I also wanted to order a few items online for deliver from my store. I go shopping to the store myself more now when the weather behaves.

And that was my day. Here is a photo of a view from the top of the hill where the castle is. You can see our local town of Solothurn in the distance. Have a good day everyone.

FOWC with Fandango: Reproach

I was going into town on my scooter and took the usual path at the side of the railway tracks, passing the local station on the way and there it was: a van parked on the path blocking the route for me. These two guys were working on the ticket machine and then they saw me and my problem.

There were two gentlemen and said in just a minute they would be finished, so I waited patiently. I decided there was no point in arguing with them. They had their job to do and I was only going into town for a few items in the store and so they were soon finished, mounted their van and wished me a good day and drove off. There were no hard feelings anywhere. What is the point of getting excited about it.

FOWC with Fandango: Reproach