Good Evening

And another day passes. The rain stayed away during the day. We had a few spots this evening, but nothing dramatic. There is a chilly wind blowing but I survived. I spent the afternoon again with Mr. Swiss but we took it easy and it was pleasant to sit outside. Yesterday I took the day off from the computer. I needed the break.

I can always take some photos of the animals as a pasttime. I noticed there were new chickens in the pen, although I was not sure that they were chickens. I asked one of the guys that looks after them and he said they were definitely chickens but very young. They did not have the usual head dress, but I suppose that will eventually appear.

I was amused watching these two rabbits The one at the back just did not give up and followed the one in front all the time, until he got what he wanted – perhaps. I was so astonished as the female was twice as big as the male, but love always finds a way I suppose.

These three seemed to be having a conversation.

This one suddenly started to make a lot of noise in her corner and someone mentioned it was probably laying an egg. I think I am becoming a chicken expert.

Mr. Swiss had a visit from his doctor today and everything is going well I am glad to say. My cleaning lady, Lucia, was active in my apartment. She usually was just here for the bathroom, shower and kitchen, but now it is just me and No. 1 son. My son and I only used the shower. I can no longer climb into the bath and use it for the shower, so the cleaning routine is a little different. She is now working slowly through the rooms and at last cleaning the walls and corners where the spiders seem to enjoy leaving their webs behind them. I never noticed it so much, but now I do as the difference is striking: everything is much brighter.

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment at the dentist: nothing serious just a general hygiene visit. The afternoon might be a rainy one, so I will have to see what I do. I cannot scooter around in the rain as you can get very wet – one of the disadvantages of a scooter.

I do not think the rain bothers this guy so much. So now I am off – enjoy your day or sleep well, wherever you are in the world.

FOWC with Fandango: Death

Death accompanies me daily, at least in Summer. Yes, I admit I am a murderer. Flies have no chance with me. Armed with a fly swatter, I have been known to kill at least ten of them in one day without any gullty feelings. They are born to be swatted. However, I would never intentionally kill any other insect, just by accident perhaps, some of them are so small that you do not notice when its last view of life is the sole of your shoe.

FOWC with Fandango: Death

RDP Sunday: Mop

Bucket List

Of course I have a mop, and a collection of mop heads. Perhaps it does not look so moppy but I love my system. This is my little room – no windows – but just for my cleaning equipment including the vacuum cleaner and various cleaning helps. The mop is in the corner leaning on the wall at the front and its spare mop heads are laying on the floor. That is the beauty of my system. I have so many mop cloths I just use a new clean one daily. As I have very few carpets, stone tiles on the floor or wood, the mop is my main cleaning object.

RDP Sunday: Mop

Good Evening

Just another uninteresting day in my little village in Switzerland. I did clear the last drawer this morning and now it is almost boring that I have nothing more to organise. I did not have a lot of cooking for lunch so there was absolutely no stress.

I again spent the afternoon with Mr. Swiss which is becoming a routine for me. He is making good progress so who knows and we do miss each other.

Luckily there is always something interesting for a photo in his home such as this koi fish that swam past in the pond. They have many fish, but this seems to be the only koi that they have. We like to sit outside in the afternoon on our comfortable chairs in the sun and watch the world go by. Today we had the pavilion to ourselves. Just now and again someone walked passed.

The mallard duck pair were also there, sitting side by side. I very rarely see them together.

The female usually sits on her own

and the male just does his own thing. It is one of those breeds where the male is the good looker and the female more plain.

I also saw this wasp that seemed to be interested in a wooden support which it was holding on to.

Otherwise not a lot of action. I read further in my book on my electronic device and Mr. Swiss was sitting next to me, both of us enjoying the warmth of the sun. We began the afternoon in the dining room where we enjoyed a piece of cake and something to drink.

And that is all I have to say for today. At home I am composing my grocery list for delivery, but I seem to have so much at home I do not need a lot.

I am now off, so enjoy the rest of the week-end everyone.

Good Evening

Another good day today, sun but with a cool breeze. I managed to scooter along without a jacket so it was not too bad. The morning was the usual hoover operation with some dusting and a cooked lunch, so no stress, just the usual housewife life.

This afternoon I took a trip down the road to see Mr. Swiss. He has one plant in his room, an orchid. It belongs to the home and someone gave it to him, but its flower past is some time ago. I am now doctoring it with a weekly supply of water and fertiliser now and again and the leaves are showing signs of life. A very small shoot has also appeared, so who knows.

Otherwise animal life was quite busy outside in the grounds of the home. The rabbits and chickens were hopping and scratching around.

The chickens seem to have adopted me and as soon as they see me they scuttle over to the fence.

And, of course, pose for a selfie, close up to the camera.

Even the rabbits are getting quite friendly. I never realised how quickly they can hop around and take such large strides with their legs.

I spent a couple of hours there. It is so comfortable outside and I was quite happy to listen to some music on my iPhone and read further in my book on the phone. We had the whole pavilion to ourselves.It is opposite the animal enclosure and we found a nice sunny spot for our comfortable armchairs outside which also have nice soft cushions. Life in a golden oldie home is really not so bad, at least in this one.

We have had some interesting news in our area over the past month. Someone began to light fires in various farm buildings. It was usually somewhere with wooden structures which burn quite fiercely in the dry warm weather we have had lately. We have had about 5-6 fires up to now and the police were searching for the culprit as it was definitly a pyromane. Today good news and an arrest has been made of a 32 year old man. The photo is from one of the fires which I “borrowed” from one of our newspapers. Luckily no-one was injured or killed but a few made homeless.

And that is my life for today. Tomorrow Sunday so nothing big planned, although I still have the custom of cooking something special for Sunday lunch – tomorrow steak.

May the week-end be a good one.