FOWC with Fandango: Pulse

There used to be a time when you just wrapped two fingers around your wrist and counted the bumping blood movements through the body to define your pulse, but no longer. you are now attached to a machine. The machine is also probably doing something else, but somewhere in the illuminations you will find a number showing how high or low your pulse is. This machine was attached to me, but I cannot even remember why. I think it was charging me with electro shocks. testing my nervous state.

FOWC with Fandango: Pulse

Good Evening

Up to now no catastrophes occurred today, but I have stayed nice and safe at home, although accidents can also happen in the household: a new phone after the other was run over by a car and eye glasses held together on one side with sellotape, so what could possibly happen. Dinner past safely with nothing burnt or no fingers cut with a sharp knife and I celebrated afterwards with a couple of hours sleep.

I do have a bit of a bruise on one side from falling yesterday, but that can only get better – I hope. It is already improving. No. 2 son called this morning to check up on his mum, although there was more talk about his dad and how he is getting on. It seems things are going well with the Ukrainian lodgers, a grandmother and grandchild. The son/father is still in the Ukraine and will probably be called up to the army there.

Photos are a bit rare at the moment due to disagreeable weather conditions, so you will have to be satisfied with my garden, or as here, my desk of blog operations. Since Mr. Swiss is now in his golden Oldie refuge and no longer needs a computer I have taken over. I have two computers, a windows version and my Apple. I usually use the windows computer for my photos and the Apple for my writings. I only save stuff on the Windows machine, such as photos etc., although most of them hover somewhere in a cloud. I am not sure which cloud, perhaps that is the reason why we have such miserable weather at the moment.

And my poinsettia is still thriving since before Christmas. It still has its red leaves and some green as well. I think it is a product of neglect as I only give it water once a week, but it sits in front of the window and seems to be satisfied. The orchids have now stopped producing flowers, although I cannot complain. They were a mass of colour and flowers for the last few months.

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment at the opticians to see about my glasses where the left frame piece that hangs over the ear broke off when I fell. Perhaps they can fix it, although the plastic broke off. Otherwise it is time to have new glasses which would not bother me so much. I would like new glasses and repair the other one, so that I at least would have two pair. My sight no longer changes so much.

Hope your week-end was OK with no mishaps.