Good Evening

I hope this evenings effort on writing will be more successful than yesterdays. I really felt under the weather, no fever or temperature, but a head that seemed to be twice as large as usual. Although the rainy weather disappeared, I probably was not dressed warm enough and caught a cold, as there was still a cold wind blowing. I stayed at home today, dosed myself up with some paracetamol tablets and I hope it will now be disappearing eventually. I am doing a good trade for the paper handkerchief industry.

I did manage to go places yesterday as we had our weekly fruit and veg market with flowers. It has now become a habit for me to go since my daily timetable is a little different. I can also combine it with a visit to the store as Mr. Swiss needed his weekly supply of chocolate again. He gets his chocolate in his golden oldie refuge but not to his taste. He likes the Swiss milk chocolate and the one with the fruity filling.

They do not have such a selection of sweet things on the market, but plenty of cheese varieties

and the bread to go with it.

There is also a good meat selection. Actually they have everything you need, although I must admit I never really buy anything as I have most of my food delivered home. Although I did visit the butchers yesterday as I wanted to pick and choose what I needed. When you are married to the son of a butcher you learn what you want to have. I wanted steak for Sunday lunch with No. 1 son and also some neck of pork slices.

Moving on I had a look at the vegetable choices and found these radishes looked particularly appetising. I used to grow my own, which is very easy to do.

Tomatoes were in all shapes and sizes and were looking good. I always found that home grown tomatoes and those from the farmers definitely have a better taste.

So let us not forget the carrots which seem to come in various colours

And we do not want to forget the flowers.

Mr. Swiss just messaged me that from today no-one has to wear a mask in his golden oldie home nd I can also eat in his home in die dining room. Things are gradually getting back to normal it seems. And now I must look what my spaghetti sauce is doing. Have a good day everyone.