FOWC with Fandango: Severance

After 55 years together, Mr. Swiss and I now have our severance. We are no longer together under the same roof, although his roof is only a few minutes away in his golden oldie refuge. It is not something you imagine that could happen as the years overtake you. A hundred years ago, even just fifty perhaps, it was “until death do us part”, but today illness and old age creeping up on you no longer makes it possible to care for each other. I tried but I was feeling the stress and so he now has a team of golden oldie carers that see to his needs. Oh how young we were in this photo. Now we both only move with the help of a walker for support, but who cares: our feelings for each other are still there even after 55 years.

FOWC with Fandango: Severance

18 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Severance

  1. It’s the last sentence that is the important one — your feelings are still together! I’m glad that Mr. Swiss can be in a home so close to yours, and that you can enjoy a less stressful life knowing that he wil well cared for.

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  2. what a beautiful statement of your love for another. in later years the fire of passion moves gently to a caring, loving, forgiving and enduring warm flame. it’s what cements your relationship and it’s far better to care for each other w/o the stress and hardship of being on one’s toes at all times, fearing to do the right thing, or not doing anything helpful when needed. I already told my parents decades ago that I would love and cherish them to their last day but that they shouldn’t expect me to care for them on a daily and hourly basis. None of my bros and sis did and we kept a beautiful, caring and loving contact with both of them right up to the day they died. Hopefully your M. will still have many a good month/year with the special care he needs and his wife not far away, also still caring and loving.

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