Good Evening

It must be at least a year since I have seen so many people in town together. I had to go into the town for a few groceries. Mostly frozen stuff as they cannot deliver it in their small vans. Of course I also like the excuse to go to town and mix with people (now without masks). I realise now how we were restricted with the pandemic, although it has not yet completely disappeared.

And how people were gathered around our cathedral steps, which has always been a popular meeting place- People are actually touching each other, shaking hands and touching. You actually recognise each other and greet with the name.

The pigeons were also quite content to find some crumbs on the ground to have a peck. They are the main bird you find in our town. Funny they avoid the villages. I have never seen one in our village. In the woods you naturally often see wood piegons.

The main square was quite populated with guests at the restaurants. I eventually arrived at my store and got everything I needed.

And now back at home I have the pleasure of deciding how to vote in our next election on 15th May. We Swiss are used to voting, at least the real Swiss are. I am only a half Swiss so do not have it in my blood. Mr. Swiss did it seriously and had the luck to fill out everything for the family. I did not always bother, unless it was really something where I had a different opinion to Mr. Swiss. No. 1 son is autistic and voting is not one of his specialities. Now I am alone at home confronted with this.

We have decisions to make for the Kanton and for the country. We are continuously voting in Switzerland, as we have a so-called direct democracy. Just collect enough signatures and you will vote for it. I cast a look at the information and have no idea what to vote. One is to sink the income tax for middle and low incomes, so I should say yes, but … there is a draft for another formular and a counter proposal. There is also something about organ transplants and the European border and coastguard, which is strange as Switzerland does not have a coast. And let us not forget about changing the law for film production. Of course we are supplied with literature, that you can study for a few hours/days until making a decision. Shall I vote? I am still thinking about it – until 15th May.

Why bother, as long as I can see the wonderful scenery in our town.

I am now off, but not to study the voting material. I would rather watch the TV or read a book. Have a good week-end everyone and enjoy.