FOWC with Fandango: Severance

After 55 years together, Mr. Swiss and I now have our severance. We are no longer together under the same roof, although his roof is only a few minutes away in his golden oldie refuge. It is not something you imagine that could happen as the years overtake you. A hundred years ago, even just fifty perhaps, it was “until death do us part”, but today illness and old age creeping up on you no longer makes it possible to care for each other. I tried but I was feeling the stress and so he now has a team of golden oldie carers that see to his needs. Oh how young we were in this photo. Now we both only move with the help of a walker for support, but who cares: our feelings for each other are still there even after 55 years.

FOWC with Fandango: Severance

RDP Friday: Cavern

We have a hermit living in a nearby village. He does not live in a cave, but in this neat little house. Sometimes it is even a lady hermit, but at the moment I have no idea who is living there. I think they are recruited from a local monastery or covent. Somehow they arrive and seek peace and quiet, although they often get annoyed with the local public that walk past the house and hope to catch a glimpse of the hermit for perhaps a post card or a talk. However, hermits are not very talkative. We once had a hermit that somehow had criminal a criminal past, and had to leave for a visit to one of our prisons, but that was many years ago. I think that the idea is that they meditate and throw in a few prayers.

Of course he/she has a cave. What would a hermitage be without a cave, but I think this was just for the novelty.

And just one cave is not enough, although this cave seems to be occupied.

And so is this one.

You see our caves are not empty, but today you get squatters everywhere.

RDP Friday: Cavern

Good Evening

A silly stupid day today. This morning it stopped raining at last, although still a nip in the air – actually more a large sized bite, but I was surviving. That is until I awoke from my midday sleep, thinking I could perhaps go to the local store. Not that I needed anything urgent, but just get out. However, that idea was soon destroyed when I looked out of the window. Yes, it was snowing, steady with light flakes, but not inviting for a trip with my scooter. So it was a day at home, with just I, me and myself.

I decided to make the most of the opportunity and iron my bed linen, so now that is done and done with, No. 1 son had a concert planned for the evening, so I did not have to bother with his needs. He arrived home earlier to get ready and then got a telephone to say that the musician performing had cancelled his concert and would only be appearing in June. So what do you do when no cooking was planned? I had my mushrooms on toast in a cream sauce to cook, but my son does not eat mushrooms. With my female intuition I had bacon and eggs in the fridge with tomato, so No. 1 son would not starve.

And the snow is still falling but the builders continued with their construction work on our estate. Very soon the building will be high enough to block out our view of the neighbouring trees, although the top half will still be seen.

It was a very fine snow and not something that decided to cover the ground. For me it was a miserable day and I really had to search for something to do. No chance of a Mr. Swiss visit, although we both have our telephones with the message system. I tend to get a touch of cabin fever when I do not have the choice of going places.

Everything looks quite desolate at the moment. Even the trees have forgotten to grow some leaves. I might even watch the TV this evening for the first time this week. From what I have read on various entries, it seems that the Northern Hemisphere lays under a snow cover today.