Good Evening

This photo taken through the living room window tells it all. We have had rain from morning to evening and it was quite windy. Windy enough to blow my window carpet away outside. It was not a pleasant day and needless to say I spent the day at home. It is days like this where you really feel the lonesome feeling when you are alone. However I had a little excitement this morning. We have a cupboard and the top door has been on weak hinges for many years. Now and again Mr. Swiss give it a nail and a hammer as an emergency solution- Today the cupboard door half fell off hanging by a single hinge. Now was enough and I phoned our village carpenter. He came around this afternoon and made a plan for repairs. It is quite a nice cupboard with each door in a different colour, something like a Mondrian painting, with a red door, yellow door and blue and I would really like to keep it. It was not an expensive furniture, probably made in Hong Kong. Tomorrow our village carpenter will return to fix it. At last I do not have to tip toe around the cupboard and can open the door and shut it without being worried that it will fall apart.

I paid a visit to Mr. Swiss yesterday quickly on my way home from town as I suspected that today would not be scooter weather. He was outside in the grounds and I saw that they have now planted some nice Spring flowers.

I could also get a closer look at their chickens outside. They only have these three but seem to be quite happy scratching around.

There are also these three rabbits. I think it is a good idea to have some animals in the home.

And I also discovered this metal sculpture in the garden outside.

Mr. Swiss was sitting in the pavillion where they have a view of the local castle, complete with the chicken run in the grounds.

Today I made myself busy organising the desk drawers. I do not think Mr. Swiss ever did it and a lot of junk had collected. However, now I am happy, the junk has gone and I now have a nice collection of coloured permanent markers, as well as memory sticks, erasers and I even found my wedding ring. I lost it some time ago, rolling along the floor and thinking it was hidden under furniture. It seemed Mr. Swiss had found it and forgot to tell me. The problem is my fingers have swelled so much I can put it over the finger, but have a problem removing it afterwards.

And that was my day. The miserable weather continues tomorrow, so I hope I find something to do. I hope the weather is better where you are, it must be.