Good Evening

I had plenty of time to spare this afternoon after calling in on Mr. Swiss so decided to take the long way home – again – and went through the cemetery to the path to the castle. This is a view of the top part of our village with the Jura mountrains in the background as always. Everthing looked so bright and clear in the sunlight.

And this the view you get when looking in the other direction. Wherever you look you have wonderful scenery. There were a few groups of people taking a stroll, probably to break up the monotony of Good Friday when everything is closed and there is no action.

The clouds were also showing their best

and could the rape seed already be showing their flowers in this yellow bed. This was really one of those days when it was great to be out in the fresh air.

Spring is a great time when the flowers begin to appear an the trees show their flowers although only for a few weeks.

I also took the path through the cemetery on the way. The trees must be very old to achieve such sizes. Eventually I reluctantly took the road homewards, glad to have had a little action on a day when there is never any sort of action.

Tomorrow I might go into town although again just to get out and make the most of the weather. My No. 2 son told me that he has a meeting on Monday in his town where the authorities are checking on how the Ukranian refugees are getting on in Switzerland. My son has a grandmother and her granddaughter in his house, the son/father is still in the Ukrain.

And that was my uneventful day. My only excitement was cooking a meal for No. 1 son and myself. Have a relaxing Easter everyone and enjoy your chocolate eggs and bunnies.