Good Evening

I had to plan my day carefully as the afternoon was packed with appointments and I still wanted to have my afternoon sleep. In the morning Lucia was here, my cleaning lady, and we got down to some organising. I am now progressing well and almost all cupboards are now organised for my life alone. I think Mr. Swiss must have had at least one thousand CD Rom which no-one uses today and I have to get rid of them somehow. I just smuggle a few in a garbage bag regularly and hope they will disappear until the end of the year.

So my afternoon began at 2.00 p.m. when I made my way to town to the post office. I had never been to this particular post office as my son always took the letters, but now he works all day so I made my way. I am always careful about new routes with the kerbs on the side of the road and other obstructions that could be difficult to overcome by scooter, but no problem. It was an easy ride and I could park my scooter outside the post office.

My next task was to return to the town and make my way to my doctor. Since I had my problems with Mr. Swiss and organising his stay at his golden oldie home I had tended to forget my health and it was really time to get my blood checked for my diabetes. That was quickly done with two full tubes of my blood to be examined. I had also not been hearing so well for the past few months. She had a look and discovered that my left ear was completely blocked with whatever an ear produces, so she cleaned it out for me and now I can hear normally again.

As my doc is in another part of town I had to cross the river were I had not been for some time. I discovered that I even managed to capture one of our big birds on this photo as it was flying past. I also discovered that in this part of town many buildings were being renovated meaning I had to be careful on my journey.

As I wheeled through a park I saw a guy with a camera and microphone interviewing someone. I think it was local politics so will have to have a look on TV if I discover anything. They did not seem to mind me passing by on my scooter.

After a quick stop at the chemists to replenish my Vitamin D drops which I take every morning with my breakfast, it was time to go home. I was glad to be home again. I am just not used to those days when I have to do something, and prefer to take it easy. I will be back at the docs next week for the results of my diabetic test. Basically I feel OK except for my mobility difficulties which will not get better.

Tomorrow I intend to take it easy and have nothing planned except for a visit to Mr. Swiss. Have a good day everyone and without stress.