FOWC with Fandango: Petition

Petition is a way of life in Switzerland. You find that some laws are not correct and could be improved? This is no problem. According to Swiss Law you can collect the required amount of signatures on a supplied document (yes that also exists) and when you have enough you can submit them to the parliament for the vote. For important issues the signature collectors are shown on the news bringing their many boxes and cases of the required signatures to prove their case. After a while it will be brought to the vote, and hence voting has become a pastime here. I am not sure of how it is organised, but we are continually being asked to vote.

This was a good example when a farmer decided it was not OK to remove the cow horns before they began to grow. The idea was that it was less dangerous without horns but this farmer found it was natural for a cow to have horns. Actually I agreed with this farmer, but the signatures were collected and it was voted upon. However, the cows still have no horns (at least most of them) because the vote was NO. Yes, we Swiss are petition experts.

FOWC with Fandango: Petition

Good Evening

What do you do when you have received your shopping from the store, finished the housework chores and you are ready to go for Easter. I hate Easter, the worst holiday of the year: stores closed on Friday and Monday and Saturday the day of crazies when the housewives, even families, as sure that the famine has broken out and storm the towns for last minute food. On the other hand if you can be patient, the easter chocolate bunnies and eggs will all be to have at half price in the last half hour before the stores close on Saturday evening. Me? I do not bother, I have already got what I need, all a matter of planning.

This chicken is now having a well earned rest after laying so many eggs for the Easter

as well as her friend.

And the rooster has had enough of Easter, too much stress with all those hens.

A pleasant day today, warm and sunny, and some interesting clouds floating by. Our village was lookig good and everything quiet. I sometimes think I am the only person here and everyone else has left. I do not see or hear anyone during the the day. even when I visit Mr. Swiss I think we are the only two people in the golden oldie home.

I noticed that a second booster is now on offer for the Covid curse, but this time I am not going to bother. My son and his wife and two kids all got the dreaded after being vaccinated with the booster and the jabs. My cleaning lady picked it up on her Spanish holiday and had also had all the jabs, so why bother. I am fed up with being a guinea pig for the medical industry. I know someone that does not believe in vaccinations and had none, as well as her children and family and she is covid free, no-one had it in her family. It is becoming a status symbol and I am fed up. No more jabs for me thankyou. Suddenly no-one needs a mask and we can all go to restaurants and have parties – strange happenings in our Covid infected world.

So on this note I leave you to have a happy Easter if you are having one. I will continued as always, no stress or fuss because it is Easter. May the chickens now have a restful time. My fridge has 20 eggs and I have 6 painted eggs from the store, what could be better.