FOWC with Fandango: Tragedy

A few years ago, 2008 to be exact, there was a tragedy happening in Switzerland. Our national sausage was in danger, namely the Cervelat which can be eaten cold or fried, according to taste. The skins for the sausages come from Brasil and due to BSE. the bovine disease, Brasil were not allowed to deliver the skins for the cervelat. Tragic: well yes because there was no suitable replacement. However, we Swiss managed to survive for a while with a lesser quality. Today that it all in the past, but it was the day when the Swiss nation almost came to a standstill.

FOWC with Fandango: Tragedy

RDP Tuesday: Doppelgänger

Baselstrasse 30.08 (2)

It is definitely a thing with an umlaut. It makes a difference when you pronounce it wrongly and I always do. I was the joke of the company when I spoke German as I was always pronouncing the words wrong because I was never sure if there was an Umlaut there or not. As you can see here, the Umlaut which should be 2 little dots, is often written as something different – here a short line. Whether I say Buchse or Büchse is a joke amongst those German speaking and that is one of my biggest mistakes.

RDP Tuesday: Doppelgänger

Good Evening

If you leave or enter our estate at the moment, you have to pass beneath this man made arch to get anywhere. The need electricity when building for their various machines, and so the cable is suspended across the road from the electricity supply. It will definitely remain until Autumn at least when the building is finished.

Otherwise I was off to town again as they had a few interesting offers. However, in the town store there were none so I moved onto the store along the road to where I live and they had a much better selection. I also got a call from Mr. Swiss to bring him some chocolate. However I told him it would really just be a quick stop as I had frozen stuff and wanted to get it home to the fridge. I made a stop and delivered the chocolate to Mr. Swiss. It seems tomorrow the golden oldies in Mr. Swiss home are all going on an excursion together to the near mountain slopes. I do not know how they are doing it, but probably by wheelchair. I will leave him to it and stay at home.

Today Lucia, my cleaning lady, was here and we tidied up a cupboard I had. It was the one I had repaired this week. It was full of electric bulbs and batteries. We discovered the batteries were no longer suitable for use. Anyhow another job done so this afternoon I bought a supply of new batteries. Today you no longer need them so much with wifi and all that stuff. Mr. Swiss also had an assortment of those little round batteries for various objects that will come in handy.

Yes Mr. Swiss was a collector. There were also some nice candles. I also found 10-20 sets of eye glasses with their cases. I suppose I could throw them away, but somehow I am keeping them, which reminds me I got a message this evening that my new glasses are now ready, so I will call in tomorrow to pick them up. Bascially you wear your glasses most of the time so who needs a case for them.

The musicians were also out in town. I suppose the weather is now suitable.

This guy even decided to wear his shorts. A colleague seemed to be recording his songs. He was OK but I do not think he will reach the hit parade.

And now to have a relaxing evening. Keep safe and well.