Good Evening

At last we got clouds again with some sun, but still very cold. I had to make a decision. Shall I go into town or not? I did not really have a lot to get in the store, so I decided to go to the local store which is just a few minutes along the road by scooter. I could then combine it with a visit to Mr. Swiss who I had not seen for a couple of days due to the weather conditions.

The store is outside of the town so I only get a view of the cathedral on my way. There was quite a bit of traffic on the road I noticed.

I decided to get Mr. Swiss a chocolate Easter Bunny as he does have quite a sweet tooth, and so do I, so I got two – one for me as well. He was quite pleased with it.

Afterwards I left him and took the path around the chicken farm, although it was too cold to see what the chickens were doing. However I saw the geese.¨

They now have new grounds, but it seems it was time for a daily synchronised sleep on the grass and I found them all in this position. Not wanting to disturb them I decided to make my way home.

I had to wait for the local train to pass. Whilst waiting I decided to take a photo of the local stream.

It was carrying quite a lot of water after the rain we had over the past few days.

I noticed that they are making quite a lot of progress with the new apartment block they are building on our estate. They always seem to complete the lift shaft first of all before building further.

And that was my day, nothing special but at least I could get out again. Wishing all a good weekend.

The sun is back

Just a a quick interlude. Yesterday evening everything seemed to be so bright outside and I looked through the window and saw that the dark dismal cloud cover had broken down, the sun had arrived, and there was a blue sky. I just had to capture it before it disappeared again and here it is. Hoping for a better day today with perhaps no rain and even a little bit of sun. Have a good week-end.