FOWC with Fandango: Repudiate

These two felines own two of my neighbours, but it is rarely that you see them together. The ginger cat is Roschti, 18 years old and the other cat, the tabby one, I am not sure, but has been amongst the feline clan for about four years, so she is a youngster. They do not like each other. Roschti the elder of the two, does his own thing, but the younger lady cannot resist following him i

. They do not actually fight, but their exchange of language is generally a hiss, nothing friendly.

Here they were getting a little closer, but not reallya recommended position. I often wonder how kittens happen, as it seems that no two cats really like each other. It is probably regarded as a necessary evil.

FOWC with Fandango: Repudiate

RDP Tuesday: Art

There is only one artist in our family and that is Mr. Swiss. He is one of those people that can draw and paint. This is a painting he made as a young man of a building in his village. The only paintings I ever did were from the colouring books I would get as a kid. You did not have to use your imagination, but just fill in the outlines with a coloured pencil. The only things that were painted in my family were perhaps a door or when decorating a room to add a splash of colour.

Mr. Swiss grew up in a family where art was appreciated.

He mainly painted with water colours and with a few strokes of a brush he produced something that for me was a miracle. He would also dabble in oils now and again, but the can be a problem. The oil paints have a strong smell and can be quite messy. He had some lessons from a painter when he was a teenager, but the talent is there.

It was from him that I got a little appreciation of art. Now and again we would visit an exhibition. It was something I was missing in my childlhood. Today he no longer paints or draws unfortunately.

RDP Tuesday: Art

Good Morning

A little later this morning, but was occupied with my cleaning lady and a few other details. At least we have a good sunrise and the sun is still here which is also a wonder. My online order was also delivered from the store.

I have vacuumed the meat and now it is gently freezing in the freezer chest down in the cellar. I have also now at last got a decent pen to show what it is the various packets. When it is frozen it all looks the same. I write it all in German on the packets so that everyone here will understand what it is.

I also baked a half white bread yesterday which has already been eaten by all. I do not bake bread on Tuesday as I do not have a lot of time with a cleaning lady visit, so today’s bread was delivered from the online store, which is also very fresh. They bake it in the supermarket.

My sparrows were again visiting yesterday I managed to catch these two in flight.

This blackbird also decided to get in on the act.

I at last got through to our Kanton’s office to discover what is happening with our vacinnations. They do not have enough material for a jab at the moment and are only giving the second jabs for those that already have the first vaccination. What we are getting is very good material which I was glad to hear. I just have to be patient and wait like all the others I suppose. In the meanwhile I avoid contact with other people and hope for the best.

It is a short good morning as I should really now get down to organising dinner. I have two men to feed as well as myself. Have a good day everyone and may your vaccinations be on the way.