FOWC with Fandango: Welfare

I have been watching a programme on the BBC TV lately every evening from a guy called Rick Stein,travelling around France and showing the various dishes from the different areas. He, himself is a cook, and had a few restaurants. He demonstrates a few dishes in his programme from France and he is giving me ideas. Mr. Swiss reads his book or otherwise dabbles with his computer and No. 1 son goes into town in the afternoon or listens to his music and so I have to keep myself busy and am slowly discovering the cooking world. I am not a 5 star cook, but its fun.

I do like to keep everyone happy at home, in good health and comfort. It is just a way of life. Not a special super menu, just something I can rustle up for an evening meal. I do not cook in the evening during the week, but might during the week-end. We eat cold cuts with a few trimmings. I like to know what I am eating and avoid eating from a tin. Since a few weeks, I am now even baking my own bread. My housewife days are still with me, but it is no longer a “have to do” but “do it because you want to, if time allows”. I never really had the time to enjoy cooking, I had to plan it all around lunch times of a working family. Now I can really enjoy food preparation. A salad sauce is not longer just oil and vinegar, but a mixture of various fresh herbs and made with care. My kitchen and dining room are part of my welfare state.

FOWC with Fandango: Welfare

Good Morning

It is a cold morning this morning. Tbe snow has gone, but there is a bite in the air with a temperature of -2°C which means it was a quick visit to the bird feeders to give them their daily dose of food. They are now outside enjoying it and do not seem to be shivering with cold. It must be the feathers that keep them warm. Another day where I am glad of not having to go anywhere. The cupboard and fridge are full in the kitchen and my lunchtime meat for the spaghetti sauce is thawed out from the freezer and I am ready to go.

You are never too old to learn and in my golden oldie days of being 74 years old I have learned to bake a perfect bread and become an expert of freezing my food thanks to a deep freezer chest and being able to use a vacuum apparatus for freezing the fresh goods. A few years ago I had never even realised these things existed or were something I would need in my daily life.

I no longer do my daily journey to the store, but did not want to live on frozen bread so I decided to try to bake my own.The first attempt was quite dismal, but we could eat it. In the meanwhile I discovered that it was worth investing in a good container for baking the bread, preferably with a lid which I remove 15 minutes before finishing the baking process for a nice crusty top to the bread. I also discovered that baking wholewheat bread has its problems. The flour was too tough for my automatic flour sieve which broke. I have now ordered a new one (not so expensive) and sieve the wholewheat flour with a normal sieve. Oh the technicalities of bread making.

Mr. Robin visited again yesterday and he also just arrived this morning. I feel so sorry for him always alone, but he is really not a sociable bird. I am looking forward to Spring when he (or perhaps even a she) will perhaps find a mate and produce baby robins.

Sometimes I really have problems with understanding people. Those of us that have been lucky enough not to have caught this Covid illness and are now getting their vaccinations are already thinking about the next summer holidays, where possible of course on a beach somewhere in the sun where there will be crowds of other holiday makers. This pandemic is not finished because we can now all vaccinate, it will take time and a few years. And this virus is mutating constantly. Even our vaccinations are not as fool proof as they should be.

Time to go, I have a few chores in front of me, but no great stress. We have now completed our tax documents and sent them to the chief Guru that does the formula for us. I dare say there will be a few details to amend. You really should have a diploma to be able to complete the documents. It seems it will be even more complicated now due to home office for many, although we golden oldies are not affected by that.

Now I am really off. Have a good day and my it be one without unnecessary stress.