Good Morning

A little later this morning, but was occupied with my cleaning lady and a few other details. At least we have a good sunrise and the sun is still here which is also a wonder. My online order was also delivered from the store.

I have vacuumed the meat and now it is gently freezing in the freezer chest down in the cellar. I have also now at last got a decent pen to show what it is the various packets. When it is frozen it all looks the same. I write it all in German on the packets so that everyone here will understand what it is.

I also baked a half white bread yesterday which has already been eaten by all. I do not bake bread on Tuesday as I do not have a lot of time with a cleaning lady visit, so today’s bread was delivered from the online store, which is also very fresh. They bake it in the supermarket.

My sparrows were again visiting yesterday I managed to catch these two in flight.

This blackbird also decided to get in on the act.

I at last got through to our Kanton’s office to discover what is happening with our vacinnations. They do not have enough material for a jab at the moment and are only giving the second jabs for those that already have the first vaccination. What we are getting is very good material which I was glad to hear. I just have to be patient and wait like all the others I suppose. In the meanwhile I avoid contact with other people and hope for the best.

It is a short good morning as I should really now get down to organising dinner. I have two men to feed as well as myself. Have a good day everyone and may your vaccinations be on the way.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … keep baking that bread for your hungry mouths to feed !!! And keep posting pictures of the wonderful loaves … and the birdies … you know they are very grateful for your daily attention to their seed trays … that should warm your heart …. along with a nice cup of tea … Take care and have a great day .. .SLP …

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    • No bread baking today. I got it freshly delivered from the store. I notice the birds have certain times for their visits. they arrive early in the morning, around lunchtime and in the middle of the afternoon. The weather is now improving, sunny today and the cold and freezing temperatures are gone, increased to 7-8° C, almost spring.


  2. You put me to shame with your organization of your shopping and cooking, but then I only have me to please. Still, I often get to early evening without a clue as to what to eat so a plan would help me should I ever get around to it. Sometimes though, like today, the best laid plans etc. I am trying to lose weight and for two days now I’ve been having a salad – and I’m not a fan of salad – for lunch, but just half an hour ago I decided my need for chocolate was very great so I dived into my last Christmas box of Anton Berg’s Marzipan chocolates and now I’m filled with guilt. Not only that but I shall not want any dinner tonight!! I don’t think I dare make any bread. It’s bread and butter that has put the weight on!

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    • The family relies on me for food. My husband with his 81 years no longer goes anywhere on his own, except for the doc and my son is working. I just have to plan for everything as I have mobility problems and rely on online delivery of groceries which work very well for me. I just noticed you are in the IOW. Oh how we spent many happy holidays there with my mum and dad when I was younger. We always stayed in Colwyn Bay near Freshwater, I so remember the walks on Tennyson Downs. We always took the ferry to Yarmouth, a lovely little town.


    • The Island hasn’t changed much since you were a girl I imagine. People say we are 50 years behind the times here and that is probably true, but it’s no bad thing when we are only a short ferry trip across the Solent to the mainland. From my home here I can be in London in 2 hours 15 mnutes so day trips are easy for matinees etc. and to meet friends for lunch, and I have lovely Chichester on my doorstep as well.


  3. Good afternoon, Your morning picture could be mine. Catching your birds in flight is excellent. My table arrived last week and yesterday was moving all the furniture moved several times. The best situation I can’t see outside. One of the wheels was broken so the table doesn’t easy.
    Trump has a lot of legal troubles, he can be reelected which was the purpose of impeachment. The Senate had voted for impeachment; he couldn’t have run again.
    Have a pleasant evening and stay safe.

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    • The sun is still here in the afternoon and temperatures are now more normal and not so freezing.I should also begin to move a bit of furniture. I have too many objects outside which should go into the cellar for the summer. I must wait for my son to help. Trump can be re-elected, but is it a posibility? I hope not.


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