RDP Saturday: Hug

There is no-one left to hug
Where have the people gone
Are they hiding behind doors
Have they just moved on
There was a time there were crowds
Jostling for room in the stores
But now is the time of the virus
Extinction like dinosaurs
Do not hug, do not breathe
If you cough
Cough in your sleeve
Wear a mask
Hide your face
This germ it must be kiled
Rid us of its trace

RDP Saturday: Hug

Good Morning

I was outside looking for a few photo chances, but there was nothing new and then I saw this little finch (at least I think it is a finch) sitting on a tree opposite, so here he is. At the moment it is still very cold but I suddenly saw some isolated snow flakes which are slowly increasing, so perhaps it will become a snowy day.

This little sparrow even crept up to the window to see what I was doing in the kitchen.

This little guy also arrived at the window. I opened it to give him a few tit bits and that was an invitation to enter so here he is sitting inside waiting for some attention.

The robin also put in an appearance, but did not stay long. It was just making an examination of the food situation.

And this blackbird arrived yesterday. At the moment I seem to be getting quite a selection of bird wildlife. It is so cold and they are sure of some food.

I will be spending another day at home today. Sometimes I like to go into town on Saturday afternoon, but it is just too cold at the moment. I will be busy composing my shopping list for the next online delivery on Tuesday. My computer expert arrived yesterday and took my computer with him. I hardly recognised him as he was masked. He said he has to be careful as his job is mainly in visiting others with their computer problems.

I was again watching the cooking programme from France yesterday, the last one in the series. Now I have to apply my new found knowledge on cooking for the family. It seems to me that the French love to smother their food in plenty of garlic, pepper from the mill and of course a touch of this and that. I am also a lover of garlic, but usually crush it with my garlic press. It seems the professional cooks do it with a forceful punch from the hand. I am not sure if I can do that so well.

After my many bread baking sessions I have noticed that I should really get around to cleaning my oven. You have to bake the bread at such a high temperature that it does seem to leave its marks on the oven.

And now time to go as I like to get an earlier start on Saturday. Have a good day everyone, and enjoy the week-end. See you later.