Good Morning

If this weather continues I will soon have webbed feet. Now and again we get a five minute break, but really only a few minutes. After the snow comes the rain. At least the snow is pretty to look at, the rain just has dismal clouds everywhere. Either way you look at it, I am home bound and am not going anywhere. It seems to be getting a little warmer so perhaps Spring is thinking of arriving.

At least I have snowdrops in the garden which shows that something is happening somewhere.

And of course the birds are always here pecking at the goodies. I notice they also have their feeding times. They arrive early in the morning, have a feed and disappear until around midday when they are back for more. I do not see them afterwards for a few hours, but mid afternoon they return for the final feed. I am only getting sparrows and tits at the moment. I hear the magpies and crows but no longer see them.

My excitement today will be a delivery of two packs of cola and a bag of potatoes this afternoon which was a quick in between order as I forgot to put them on the big order. Mr. Swiss excitement was phoning the chemist and organising some meds which my No. 1 son will pick up for him this afternoon. I used to go somewhere daily to get the shopping, but since leading my isolated online life I remain at home during the day. The advantage is that I no longer have to bother about the weather conditions. I have not used my electric wheelchair for almost two months, so I hope it is still working. Mr. Swiss and I were discussing that when the better weather arrives we will again embark on excursions in our separate scooters together again. This time with a difference as I will have more time for pleasant journeys as my shopping expeditions will be no longer – thanks to online ordering. We will be able to do it more often.

I will be making a bread again today. I have enough frozen in my freezer, but fresh is no problem to bake and tastes better.

I am still waiting to be called for my vaccination, but there is a slow roll out in Switzerland for appointments, so I have to be patient.

That is all that is happening in my little world at the moment so I will now move on to deal with life and its chores. Hope you have a good week and perhaps not so wet and dismal as mine is at the moment.