FOWC with Fandango: Superior

Let’s be honest, there is a new wave of feeling better than the others, even a little superior.

“I had my Covid jab today. Didn’t hurt at all, and no ill effects afterwards.

“My arm hurt, and I felt a little drowsy, but after a day it all disappeared. Have you had your second jab?”

“Not yet, but I have an appointment for in three weeks. What about you?

“Same here, and you?

“Not yet, but I am on the list.”

And so the person on the list was really feeling a little inferior to the other two who already had their protection from the virus.

Is it becoming a status symbol. Are the jabbed few superior to those that have not yet been jabbed? Of course not, it is a luck of the draw and having enough underlying complaints, or being one of the chosen golden oldies.

I feel very inferior, unimportant. The Swiss have forgotten me and all those that I know. On the other unjabbed arm I supposed I can be glad that I do not have the hairy pea infection. Perhaps I am imune. No good feeling superior about it, you go when you have to go (I mean the jab of course, what were you thinking).

FOWC with Fandango: Superior

Good Morning

Looks a bit stormy this morning, but no rain and not too cold. I think slowly we can look forward to some early Spring weather. I noticed that my little garden is looking a little overgrown in places. I sent No. 1 son out to cut down some bare stalks left from last year. This morning I also did some chopping practice. It is not yet looking perfect, but an improvement. It will soon be time to call the gardiner to put the finishing touches and then I can again spend my time more outside than inside. Sometimes I really wish I could be more active as it used to be, but with age come problems, so you just have to get used to it.

Someone attached this to the tree opporsitie and it has got quite popular amongst the birds that like to hang around.

Yesterday I was feeling quite exhausted after putting new linen on the beds, but I survived I went for a midday sleep as always and forgot to set an alarm, meaning I slept the first half of the afternoon although I did not miss very much.

At the moment I am on the search for some new house shoes. The ones I have are almost a museum piece, barely in one piece. It is difficult when you no longer can actually go to a store and choose what you want, but stores are closed due to lockdown and with Sketchers shoes, which I very much like, I know my size and fit. They have never disappointed up to now.

I am really a succour for new kitchen gear and I spotted this new version in my cookery group online. I already had one, but it was years ago. This is the new version with glass instead of a plastic holder and much improved. It is ideal for making mayyonaise and beating eggwhite. There is also an egg separater integrated. Anything to save time and I so like to make things myself.

And now I should move on. No bread baking to do, but a little more ironing from the bed linen. I was a little later hugging the bed yesterday but I got caught up with the film “Valkyrie” starring Tom Cruise. He played the part of the German officer Stauffenberg that was in the group planning to assassinate Hitler in the war. The attempt failed and he was executed along with the others involved. I had seen the German film a few years ago. It just did not seem so realistic with Tom Cruise and everyone speaking with their American accents. It also seemed to me to be a little Hollywood styled.

As you can see there is not very much excitement in my part of the world so I will move on to some more inspiration in my appartment. I managed to break a small glass bowl yesterday when emptying the dishwasher. I managed to sweep the remains together before retiring but still found a few memories on the floor this morning. Glass can be so annoying when it breaks into its thousand pieces.

Have a good day, may the sun shine in your corner of the world. It has just appeared here so it may not be such a bad day after all.