FOWC with Fandango: Taken

I take my photos everywhere, according to where I am. This time I was standing on the roof of a villa in Marrakesh in Morocco and in the very far distance you can see the outline of the beginnings of the Atlas Mountains. How did I get there? The Company where Mr. Swiss worked organised visits to one of their agencies in other parts of the world every second year and this time it was Morocco. I would never have got there otherwise. It was my first and only time in an African State. The company group had a business man in Marrakesh and he invited us to his home. It was more than a home, more like a castle. In the custom of the country towards visitors, we were able to have a look at the whole house. Somehow I got to the roof. It was strange to see palm trees growing.

They were everywhere: an oasis in the middle of a desert.

FOWC with Fandango: Taken

RDP Tuesday: History

It was not Solothurn but was called Solodurum when the Romans discovered the little settlement on the banks of the River Aare. They built a large villa and suddenly children were born with a remarkable similarity to the southern parts of Europe. Every time a building is destroyed a few Roman relics might be found amongst the remains. Today the only Romans we see are either tourists, or our own citizens deciding to relive the olden days.

RDP Tuesday: History

Good Morning Again

I am back. Just to say I found the time to make my Spätzli (really do not know what it is called in English). I had mixed the ingredients of the special flour, eggs and milk water by pumping it up and down all together in my späztli machine and then put it on top of the pan of boiling water and turned it by using the lever at the top of the apparatus and the spaäztli dropped nicely into the boiling water.

Afterwards I removed the spätzle with a sieve spoon into a pan with melted butter and now it is ready to serve. Had to describe it all in a bit of broken english, but there are some processes I really only know how to explain in German

So now I will leave you, and after dinner I will be recovering from the exercises of the morning.

And this was yesterday’s wholewheat bread. Today will be no bread baking, now and again I do other things.

Good Morning

Big surprise, it snowed. I did not even realise it until I took my first look outside this morning. It looks quite pretty I suppose, but for those having to travel in it, not so pleasant. I am now a lady of leisure and see the attractive side of the snow. I have just said goodbye to my cleaning lady so now the day can begin. I am also excpecting my computere guy today to work on my Mac Computer. After eigh years of good service the internal battery (or whatever) is no longer as good as it should be, although I can still use it if I plug it in. Using without electricity no longer works so well.

I do not have so much time this morning as I want to make some spatzli to go with my meat for dinner. so I have to cut short. I also had a delivery from my online store, there was just too much action this morning. I had a few portions of meat for vaccuming and taking to my deep freezer in the cellar. It was a real action packed day, at least for me.

And so this was only a short visit. Have a good day, enjoy, and make the most of it.