FOWC with Fandango: Given

52 years ago Mr. Swiss and I entered this building. The statue did not exist then and the purpose of the building was different. Today it is the seat of the mayor of our town, but on 4th February 1969 it was the local registry office. On that day I became Mrs. Swiss because I married Mr. Swiss. It was a quiet affair with two witnesses, there were just four of us. I was also given Swiss citizenship into the bargain. I remember I had to travel to the British consulate in Basel to get an official translation of my birth certificate for the documents and had to swear on something that I was unmarried and I was who I am. Mr. Swiss had lost his divorce papers from his first try and had to have them re-issued. It was a wonder that we ever got married.

And today we both forgot, until lunch time when I remembered it was our wedding anniversary. We both remembered it yesterday, but our short term memories played a trick on us today. No big celebration dinner, but I did bake a bread today (although I am baking them four days a week at the moment). I remember we had a drink in the restaurant next door before we started our life together officially and it was snowing, but not too much, just a few flakes.

FOWC with Fandanago: Given

Good Morning

It was a wonderful sunrise this morning, as if to compensate for the constant gloom from the rainy days of the last week. I saw that the weather forecast said today and tomorrow sun and perhaps on Saturday as well. I just did not know when to stop taking photos this morning, and this all with my little camera on my iPhone.

Even the moon was still hanging around, so I had to take her photo as well. I did not want her to be jealous of the sun.

And this is the sky from the other side of my apartment. You can even see a few alps in the background.

Actually I should not really be here this morning. It is fresh linen day on the beds and that needs time until I have battled with the mattresses, turned them and recovered the duvet and pillow. I also have to put the vacuum cleaner into operation under the framework of the beds, but practice makes perfect. A couple of years ago Mr. Swiss and I swopped beds. Mine was nearer to the bathroom and door and I noticed Mr. Swiss was having problems walking through the bedroom in the middle of the night. We never got around to swopping the contents of our drawers, so yesterday it was done. Now we have a completely tidy bedroom with everything organised.

The neighbour’s cat paid a visit yesterday. I was not sure whether this was a yawn or a complaint, but those cats can certainly open their mouths.

She also decided to have a wash whilst she was waiting for some appetisers that I always have ready for the feline visitors. Yes it was quite an action day yesterday.

I also baked one of my famous breads in between, this time with brown flour. Even my cleaning lady now asks if I have baked bread and likes to try a sample. Today I will also fit in a bread baking session. Today we have a gardening refuse collection from the local authorities combined with the paper and cardboard. It is times like these when I am so grateful for No. 1 son. He helped me to prepare garden bits and pieces and put it in the container yesterday evening. I forgot the paper, so asked him in the evening if he could sort it. He said he had dealt with that already and everything was ready for today to be collected. I am so thankful for his help and he never complains. Being an autist he is also very exact in his tasks.

And now I should really move on. I still have to finish the beds. Have a good day and make the most of it. Let us have another sunrise before I go, it really puts me in a good mood for the day. This was the last one I took, so the sun was actually putting in an appearance from behind the tree.