RDP Tuesday: Art

There is only one artist in our family and that is Mr. Swiss. He is one of those people that can draw and paint. This is a painting he made as a young man of a building in his village. The only paintings I ever did were from the colouring books I would get as a kid. You did not have to use your imagination, but just fill in the outlines with a coloured pencil. The only things that were painted in my family were perhaps a door or when decorating a room to add a splash of colour.

Mr. Swiss grew up in a family where art was appreciated.

He mainly painted with water colours and with a few strokes of a brush he produced something that for me was a miracle. He would also dabble in oils now and again, but the can be a problem. The oil paints have a strong smell and can be quite messy. He had some lessons from a painter when he was a teenager, but the talent is there.

It was from him that I got a little appreciation of art. Now and again we would visit an exhibition. It was something I was missing in my childlhood. Today he no longer paints or draws unfortunately.

RDP Tuesday: Art

11 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Art

  1. How nice to have a talented husband. Mine was too; talented I mean, he both painted and sculpted. I, on the other hand, have no artistic talents whatsoever, but I’m good at the other mental pursuits like looking after financial affairs and writing. I think it’s good to have different talents, at least the chores can be divided out fairly evenly, and in our house it meant I could leave the wrapping up of presents, the Christmas decorations etc. to he with the talent, while I got on with the mundane shopping bit and preparation of food.

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    • It is exactly as you say, although with the financial affiars, mainly income tax, I have problems. It is not the technicalities, but the language. Everything is in German which I speak now perfectly, but legal German phrases are a little more difficuilt to understand. He is also much better at organisation, but a dead loss at shopping and cooking, although it is now all done online. It is a shame that he no longer paints or draws.


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