Good Morning

It is cold out there. Yesterday it remained below freezing all day and we are now getting -8°C and going down further. However, thanks to our central heating we are cosy indoors and I am not putting a foot in front of the door, unless to feed the birds.

They are really now gathering around for the food outside. Even our robin gave up the isolation for a few seconds and was seen in the accompaniment of two sparrows, which was an exception.

Otherwise he prefers to keep himself to himself, or perhaps it is a lady.

It is already Friday again and so I will be getting another supply of food from the store and already thinking about what to order for next week. It seems to be my life story at the moment, but I really do not feel like going into town which is now a complete ghost town with no-one really venturing into the stores or streets. My life is now composed of cooking, cleaning and sitting at the computer. In the evening it is TV time although not much going on there either.

I did bake another bread yesterday, but now enough until next week. The week-end supply of bread is certain and I do not have to bake any more until next week, although I do not have to do anything. It is a free choice and I enjoy doing it. My menus are planned for the week-end, but I have to keep reminding myself what I have actually planned – the problems of a golden oldie brain. And my hair is growing. Hairdressers are out of bounds, locked down, and I really now have the chance to let is grow. No-one really sees me because I do not go anywhere, and if I might leave my home I am wearing a woolly hat against the cold so the hair is hidden. I always had a layered cut and now I really want to grow it to the same length everywhere, so am making the most of Mr.Covid to let it grow. I should now trim it at the ends.

It seems my dress styles have also changed. I no longer have to bother so much about keeping up with the trends, which I never really did anyhow. Trousers and a longer t-shirt top are OK and I only really go anywhere in the outside world once or twice a month. I am now ordering something new (online of course) for a home dress. Nice warm loose cut comfortable trousers do me fine. The older ones were really nothing more special and now I have four new pairs. I am also now paying attention to wearing an apron when working in the kitchen to keep up appearances. When baking and making bread you do tend to get covered in flour.

Today my computer guy will be calling to pick up my Apple computer at last. He had to postpone his visit as he had other computer problems from various customers. I am just a housewife, but he also has to deal with many home offices at the moment. He just has to replace the internal battery which is now showing signs of old age. I can still use the computer when attaching it to the current, but without it no longer wants to perform so well.

And I am now off to get on with my work and get showered and dressed to meet my visitor of the day (the delivery man from the online store). Have a good Friday, it will soon be the week-end.