FOWC with Fandango: Acumen

It is tax time again. The moment when we make sure that all the documents have been collected and ensure that you make enough copies for yourself. I will never understand Swiss tax documents. The forms are all available on Internet. Either you can download them and complete the details, or you print them and give it to an expert that does it for you. At our golden oldie age, we no longer do it ourself. We supply the documentation and our man fills it all out for us (online of course). Sounds easy, but I still find it complicated. What documents does he need? We are bombarded with all our financial institutions sending us receipts for what we have had to pay during the year. We assemble everything, organise it, copy it and send it to our man, hoping it is a complete collection.

I breathe a sigh of relief when it is all completed, only to begin to collect for the next year: a never ending task.

FOWC with Fandango: Acumen

RDP Sunday: Homecoming

Is this my homecoming when I cross the English coast, seeing the white cliffs of Dover?

Or is it when I see the Swiss Cross on the tail of the plane taking be back to my chosen country, Switzerland.

The first twenty years of my life spent growing up in London and moving, voluntarily, to Switzerland where I have been living for the past 54 years, I even landed in Switzerland on my 20th birthday, which was a coincidence,

I have nothing to hold me to London today. Family is no longer, just a couple of cousins, and friends are contacted by computer, be it Facebook, e-mail or messenger, or they might visit for a holiday in Switzerland. Although we are all now golden oldies and travel is no longer so possible.

Seeing the outline of the Jura mountain chain in my “back garden” and the greenery of the fields makes me feel at home.

RDP Sunday: Homecoming

Good Morning

A grey morning, but at least you can see the contours of the clouds, meaning it could get better. I will be at home today. Sundays are not very lively days here, especially in the Winter months, but at least we have no snow. Many parts of Europe are getting quite a lot at the moment, but somehow our area remains snow free, although who knows what the week will hold for us.

I managed to get into town yesterday afternoon to stock up on a few things I cannot get from my online deliveries. The weather was OK, although colder than I though it was. I think driving a scooter with a cross wind does tend to lower the temperatures. I notice on my scooter dashboard that I had a temperature of 8° C when I began the journey, which eventually decreased to 6°C when I arrived in town. However, it was good to get out again and see something different and armed with my trusty iPhone photo taking appliance it made it all a little more worth while.

I really wanted to stock up on some frozen veg which is always handy for an emergency when you cannot go into action. They also had a special offer on frozen chips (french fries for those over the pond) at half price which was really a bargain for a one and half kilo pack, so I naturally bought two. They really turn out well from my air fryer and after 20 minutes I have the perfect chips without the smell of deepfrying wafting through the home.

I noticed our town was preparing a little for the carnival season, although there will be no active carnival. This monument shows a copy of one of our entrance gates with a carnival figure seeming to support it. Carnival balls are forbidden and so is the usual procession with the various floats, which takes place twice in our town. I am not a great carnival person, although like to see the costumes and various ornaments. Many are very disappointed this year. I remember when I was a working woman, many would take the week off work, sleeping by day and celebrating all night.

I also saw a group of young men building this object in town. They immediately moved to one side, so as not to spoil the photo, except for one who decided to stay for the photo. We all had a good laugh. I suppose it is not every time that a golden greyhaired oldie takes a a photo.

Many windows had been decorated, especially the restaurants like this one.

Again there were very few people in town, but someone always manages to get into the photo somewhere.

It is common to see closed shops due to Covid. This is our local book store which is usually full of people searching for a book. It has now been closed, like all other businesses, since at least a month and there is no hope that it will soon be opened again, at least not in February. It is sad to see how our little town is now so neglected. I arrived at the store to find a few others shopping. There is no need to tell you to keep your distance, there are so few people it happens automatically.

I eventually made my way home, knowing that it would be another week or two, perhaps a month, until I would again venture into town. It very much depends on how cold the weather is and naturally snowfall, which reminds me I had yet another marathon yesterday evening in front of the TV. One of the british programmes had a showing of the James Bond film “Skyfall” which I had never seen. It was OK, with a meeting of some well known characters. I even had a conversation with Mr. Swiss, who also watched the first half of the film, whether Sean Connery was the better Bond than Daniel Craig. I found Daniel Craig the better and he was more for the established Connery.

And now I am on my secret mission in the apartment uncovering what is hidden. Enjoy Sunday wherever you are, even if you are working. You can always compensate when the others have to work.

As I wheel my way to town I always pass this stream on the way, but rarely can take a photo as it is a little hidden beneath the bushes and difficult to see. However, yesterday I had a clearer view, so took a photo. We do have some picturesque corners in our village.