Good Morning

It was a misty morning, but then I saw the magpie singing his little/big heart out at the top of the tree and decided the sun was most probably on its way.

And a few minutes later it had fought its way through the clouds. Here I am now with my breakfast, the computer and some lovely classical music in the background. What more could one wish for. Even Mr. Swiss has already stopped hugging the bed. Spring really must be arriving slowly but surely. I have no great plans today, although pehaps I might venture into the wide world, although I should charge up the battery on my wheelchair. It must be at least 2-3 months since I last used it. I was using my scooter more, although not so often. I discovered that Winter is no season for going anywhere. When I gave up my car I thought I could nmanage through the Winter months to the store which is only one bus stop away, However the theory did not work and I gradually got into the routine of online food delivery. Although the snow is a disturbance, I did not realise how cold it can get. Anyhow I have survived and now to get ready for the outside life again.

I will also have to adapt my bread baking life. I usuall make the pastry in the morning and let it rise, to bake it mid afterrnoon which does nicely for the evening meal. However, when I want to resume my outdoor life again when the weather improves, I will not have the time. I have now discovered that you can make the pastry in the evening and put it in the fridge all night, which it will rise slowly and should be ready in the morning when I stop hugging the bed to bake, meaning that I will have frresh bread already in the morning. At least that is the theory that many web sites on the computer are telling me, and now I have to put it into practice.

This is my yesterday’s half white bread I baked to eat with our chilli. There was enough for my breakfast this morning. Does anyone have experience with bread pastry raising overnight in the fridge. I think it will work and it would really save me a lot of time.

My robin is still around, but likes to keep the distance. I notice that the birds are slowly adapting to the better weather and probably when Spring arrives they will no longer be visiting so much.

The blue tit still arrives to have a peck at the seed supply embedded in the coconut shell.

I had another TV evening yesterday beginning with a quiz programme on the BBC TV. Mr. Swiss got interested, but I found it rather stupid and wonder how it could really be classed as entertainment. I quite like the quizes when the questions are interesting and interlligence, but yesterday it was a matter of a framework full of coloured balls that would eventually fall when I silly question was answered and land in a place where you either win thousands (the green balls) or lose thousands (the red balls) and the people were clapping and cheering or moaning – if it was genuine and not play back. Eventually Mr. Swiss disappeared to the bed and I was left with the TV for myself. I was left with an Italian detective series with inspector Montalbano taking place in a fictitious town in Sicily. It was completely in Italian (with a little bit of Sicilian) with english subtitles. I found it really good, especially as it was a chance to freshen up my Italian (with a glance at the subtitles in between). Such is the life of an Angloswiss in isolation watching British TV in Switzerland.

And that was my daily excitement yesterday. I now have today’s chores to deal with, lunch to cook (no big deal – a veal stew) and perhaps a cake baking session this afternoon. So enjoy your Sunday with all the trimmings and may the Covid stay away.