FOWC with Fandango: Propensity

It is raining again. No, it is raining, forget again. It has not stopped for at least three days. All my photos have drops of water on them. Even the birds are slowly disappearing, taking shelter somewhere to protect their feathers from getting waterlogged. It is not just a propensity, it is a fact.

FOWC with Fandango: Propensity

RDP Tuesday: Cabbage

I have 42 photos of cabbage: some red, some green and some a bit of everything, but this is my favourite. It is so perfect with its shape and colour, what could be better. Eat it? A good idea, but it is almost a shame to devour such a wonderful specimen. My mum always said I should eat my greens (her word for cabbage) as it would make my hair curl. It never actually made my hair curl, and mum would go to the hairdresser for curly hair.

Oh wonderful cabbage, what a beauty you are
Your veins stand out just like a green star
My digestive system you tend to harass
Unfortunately producing too much gas
But without you the bacon would not be so tasty
Savouring the flavour and not being hasty

RDP Tuesday: Cabbage

Good Morning

Nothing special this morning, except that it is still raining after almost three days non stop, but luckily no flooding. Needless to say I have not been anywhere or done anything special although, yes, I was baking bread again. It is now almost becoming a daily task, but an easy task with my machines and bread baking forms.

This was my first dough of a half white bread. 500 grammes flour, 3 deci water mixed with 20 grammes yeast and one a half spoonful of salt all mixed together (in my machine, takes a couple of minutes). Then I leave it for a couple of hours to raise in a warm place (until I have finished my afternoon sleep after lunch). Afterwards knead it a bit and put it in the baking form in a warm place again to raise for half an hour. Then in the oven at 240° C for half an hour with a lid on the form. After half an hour I remove the lid and leave it further to bake for 15 minutes and then it is finished.

If everything goes well it should look like this. Today no bread baking as my cleaning lady is here and I got a delivery from my online store, so there is no time. In the meanwhile I have been vacuuming meat and placing it in my freezer.

There was not so much bird life yesterday, but I think the rain tends to deter them on their feeding excursions.

My buddleiea is now looking quite neglected. I cut it down this week and I hope it is now gathering strength for the warmer seasons to grow and again produce flowers.

And now to complete the morning chores by finishing my cooking of the dinner. Have a good day everyone, take care. See you around later.